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NovaBond® IT

Advanced non-etching adhesion promoter for IC-Substrate and high frequency applications

Non-etching adhesion promoter

Reliable I/L Bonding and soldermask pretreatment with non-etching adhesion promoter for advanced IC-Substrate and High frequency applications

Superior signal integrity results

Non-etching nature of adhesion promoter minimizes signal loss at high frequencies

Mechanical adhesion promotion system

Best compatibility with multiple material types due to mechanical adhesion mechanism

NovaBond® IT

Non-etching adhesion promoter


NovaBond® IT is Atotech’s latest innovation in the field of I/L Bonding and Soldermask pretreatment. The process is employed in vertical mode and creates a nano structure on the surface that allows bonding I/L based on mechanical adhesion without roughening the surface.

This process has hence significant advantages vs. traditional etching adhesion promoters as it enables the creation of ultra-fine lines (15 µm and lower) and significantly improves the signal integrity for high frequency applications. It also shows significant advantages vs. purely chemical non-etching adhesion promoters as it does not show high selectivity which materials show good bonding performance.

NovaBond® IT does not etch the surface and provides reliable permanent bonding enhancement with standard ABF and High frequency materials, it is a key solution to enable our IC-Substrate and high frequency customers to satisfy the demands of next generation products.

ic-substrate hdi

  • Non-etching adhesion promoter for I/L Bonding and Soldermask pretreatment
  • Developed and targeted for makers of advanced IC-Substrates and high frequency PCBs
  • Can drop into existing vertical lines
  • Benefits of mechanical adhesion combined with non-etching process

NovaBond® IT increases the surface area for mechanical adhesion without roughening the copper (RQ: 96 nm, RA: 77 nm, Rz: 723 nm, RSAI: 143%)

  • Non-etching adhesion promotion for IC-Substrates and high frequency PCBs
  • Excellent bonding enhancement and thermal reliability for ABF and key high frequency materials
  • Mechanical adhesion promotion mechanism, less selectivity to material than chemical adhesion promoters
  • Easy to operate and maintain process

What inspires us

Why we developed NovaBond® IT

Your challenge

You want to stay on top of the technology development competition and move to finer L/S but your etching adhesion promoters have reached their capability limit. On top of that your OEMs demand higher signal integrity for higher frequency demands and etched copper structures cannot cope with these expectations.

Our solution

NovaBond® IT combines the benefits of mechanical adhesion promotion with those of a non-etching adhesion promoter. You have a process that is easy and cost-efficient to run, that gives excellent signal integrity results and provides excellent bonding and thermal reliability results with a wider range of ABF and high frequency dielectric materials. Thanks to the mechanical nature of the adhesion mechanism a wide compatibility with different dielectrics is given.

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