Berlin, October 15, 2021 -​ Atotech is excited to be part of North America’s largest braking event, the 39th Annual Brake Colloquium & Exhibition, organized and hosted by SAE International®.

This year, Atotech is pleased to present solutions from our zinc and acid zinc nickel line of products, as well as sealer options, and an overview of Atotech’s hybrid systems – CP3.0, which combines three coating technologies to achieve a new level of corrosion protection. These product lines are globally recognized within the brake caliper industry, allowing for more efficient economic and environmentally sound plating solutions.

Featured products:

Zinni® 220 – Is an ammonia and boric acid-free zinc nickel electrolyte, which provides excellent corrosion protection and keeps sustainability in mind. With a process that operates with liquid products only, Zinni® 220 eliminates the risk of toxic dusts, making it safer for the work environment.  Able to achieve bright, semi-bright, and matt finishes, Zinni® 220 has improved throwing power and homogeneity for nickel incorporation and appearance, and it is approved by many in the brake caliper industry.

Zylite® family – A range of solutions for high performance acid zinc electroplating. The Zylite® family of products offers manufactures a boric acid and AOX-free solution and provide high gloss coatings with superior covering properties and a decorative chromium-like appearance. Specific products such as Zylite® 1160 and Zylite® 11-50 are especially suited for cast iron brake caliper plating. Zylite® processes are the ideal choice for brake calipers in rack applications, due to their high current efficiency and therefore high plating speed.

300 W 2.0 – A patent-protected technology which reacts with the passivate to form a durable bond. This unique characteristic has proven best performance in outdoor corrosion conditions.  300 W 2.0 enables an almost residue-free application, provides outstanding adhesion, superior corrosion protection, and is an approved standard process amongst brake caliper manufacturers worldwide.

The Brake Colloquium & Exhibition will be held October 17 to 20 at the Renaissance Resort, in Orlando, FL. The event will also be held virtually, livestreaming daily keynotes, and allowing virtual attendees to participate in select technical sessions, engage in live discussion, and access content from leading suppliers in the virtual exhibit hall.  For those attending the show in person, join us at booth 510 to discuss new ideas and new technologies with our technical experts. We look forward to seeing you there!

Conference: Brake Colloquium & Exhibition

Date: October 17 to 20, 2021

Venue: Renaissance Resort, Orlando, Florida

Atotech Booth No.: 510

For registration, please visit: