Auxiliary systems for Atotech’s paint support technology

More efficiency in a sustainable way

Environmentally sound

Minimizing Energy consumption and waste generation

Cost efficient

Combining cost effectiveness with environmental protection

Turnkey systems installation

Providing powerful in-house solutions

Master Remover® ESPRIT integrated paint removal technology

  • Paint removal equipment ideal for both hook and fixture cleaning as well as part reclamation
  • Optimized for use with Master Remover® processes, ensuring efficient paint removal and superior sustainability
  • Adapted to the type of paint removed

Sustainable and complete paint removal package

Atotech’s standardized turnkey tank system Master Remover® ESPRIT (Efficient, Sustainable Paint Removal Integrated Technology) has been especially designed to support the optimal performance of our versatile Master Remover® 7000 and 2000S systems ensuring sustainability and minimizing energy consumption and waste generation.

Master Remover® ESPRIT paint removal unit is a modular system that incorporates a range of major features for optimal paint removal. The system offers a large variety of configurations and offers tailor-made adaptation options for almost all paint applicator needs.

Master Remover® ESPRIT allows paint applicators to install and launch in-house paint stripping systems in an easy and efficient way.

MasterRemover® ESPRIT
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UniPrep® ISOtect specialized oil elimination equipment

  • Supports extended solution life of UniPrep® long life cleaners by reducing oil in the cleaner solution
  • Ideal in high oil loading applications
  • Simplifies maintenance and wastewater treatment
  • No consumable materials used to support in situ oil degradation (reusable filling material)
  • Lower chemical consumption and waste generation

A systems approach to long life cleaning

UniPrep® ISOtect is a specialized equipment that, when used in combination with UniPrep® long life cleaning processes, improves the efficiency of oil degradation. Degrading the oil in a UniPrep® long life cleaner ensures a far longer solution life than that of conventional cleaners. UniPrep® ISOtect further supports the degradation of oils in the cleaning solution, creating a simplified waste stream for treatment.  Thus, the combined UniPrep® system offers an almost everlasting solution life and a more consistent cleaning performance.

UniPrep® ISOtect offers applicators a low-maintenance tool that is suitable for use in all UniPrep® long life cleaning applications but is especially effective in high oil loading applications. UniPrep® ISOtect offers a turnkey solution that decreases chemical consumption, and overall operating cost.


UniPrep® ISOtect
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