The complete program for


wear and corrosion resistance

Functional chrome coatings Electroless nickel coatings

Wear resistance

Chemical processes for exceptional functional coatings

Quick facts

  • Comprehensive product portfolio of hard chrome and electroless nickel processes
  • The hard chrome process range includes BluCr®, the first industrial trivalent hard chrome process available in the market
  • Chrome, fume suppressants, pretreatment and post-treatment for hard chrome plating
  • Full range of high, medium and low phosphorus deposits, composite coatings, pretreatment and post-treatment for electroless nickel plating
  • Portfolio completed by DynaChrome®, our leading production system for hard chrome plating of shock absorber rods and electrodialysis for electroless nickel plating (EDEN®)


  • Automotive applications such as fuel injection rails, pistons, shock absorbers, piston rings, carburetors, fuel pumps, slip yokes
  • Applications for the oil and gas industry such as ball valves, drilling components, tubular components, cable glands, gate plugs
  • Applications within heavy machinery, consumer electronics, and food industries

DynaChrome® Plus

Advanced system for hard chrome plating of piston rods

Our DynaChrome® Plus system is a combination of equipment and chemistry that have been specifically tailored to complement each other for best performance. DynaChrome® Plus delivers high productivity, excellent quality and flexibility for the hard chrome plating of shock absorber rods, while also offering environmental, resource and economic benefits.

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Electrodialysis for electroless nickel

We designed EDEN® as electroless nickel regeneration solution. EDEN® allows continuous purification of the electroless nickel bath by removing by-products.

In this way, EDEN® maintains the concentration of all process ingredients within a defined range and guarantees constant deposit quality over a potentially unlimited bath life.

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