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wear and corrosion resistance

Functional chrome coatingsElectroless nickel coatings

Functional chrome coatings

Over 90 years experience in hard chrome plating

Quick facts

  • Full range of electroplating chemicals for hard chrome coatings, including BluCr®, an alternative to hexavalent hard chrome plating.
  • Process range also includes leading solutions for rotogravure and mist suppressants and chrome strippers
  • Portfolio completed by DynaChrome®, our leading production system for hard chrome plating of shock absorber rods
  • Comprehensive range of pretreatment products


  • Piston rods (shock absorbers), hydraulic systems, piston rings, brake pistons, engine valves, cylinders for automobiles, motorcycle front forks, engine and gear components for vehicles, etc.
  • Agricultural equipment, mining, oil and gas components
  • Rollers and cylinders of all types including rotogravure

Plating chemicals

Trivalent hard chrome electrolyte
BluCr trivalent hard chrome

BluCr® trivalent hard chrome

  • The first industrial trivalent chromium hard chrome plating process available in the market
  • Pb-free anodes
  • Low friction coating
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Superior class of corrosion resistance (with underlayer)
Hard chrome electrolytes
HEEF hard chrome

HEEF® hard chrome systems

  • Worldwide leading proprietary hard chrome process based on the use of high purity, patented additives
  • Properties of the deposited coatings are continuously matched to current industrial requirements
  • Highly economical due to improved current efficiency
  • Excellent wear resistance and high level corrosion protection
  • Increase in component lifetime
Fume suppressant

Electroless nickel

Fumalock® first fluorine-free, non-PFOS, non-PFAS fume suppressant

  • Reduction in hexavalent chrome mist emissions
  • Non-PFOS, non-PFAS and fluorine-free
  • EPA, CEPA and REACH compliant
  • Superior performance and wide working window

Hard chrome electrolytes for rotogravure

Hard chrome rotogravure

GravurChrome® hard chrome process for rotogravure

  • High efficiency plating
  • Lower electrical energy usage
  • Fast plating speed
  • Low base material attack and completely Pb-free process
  • Smooth, high hardness deposit (> 950 HV 0.1)
  • Designed specifically for use with Pt/Ti anodes

DynaChrome® Plus

Advanced system for hard chrome plating of piston rods

Our DynaChrome® Plus system is a combination of equipment and chemistry that have been specifically tailored to complement each other for best performance. DynaChrome® Plus delivers high productivity, excellent quality and flexibility for the hard chrome plating of shock absorber rods, while also offering environmental, resource and economic benefits.

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“With our chemistry combined with high current densities and temperatures, DynaChrome® Plus systems can effectively produce a plated rod every 3.6 seconds.”

Michael Luebber
Head of DynaChrome® Product Center

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