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Electroless nickel coatings Functional chrome coatings

Electroless nickel coatings

Combining functionality and sustainability

Quick facts

  • Comprehensive product portfolio of electroless nickel processes including composite coatings with PTFE and SiC and plating on magnesium for high corrosion and wear resistance
  • Full range of high, medium and low phosphorus deposits
  • Pb and Cd-free products available
  • Toxic heavy metal-free stabilized electroless nickel processes
  • Full range of pretreatment products for multi metal application
  • Portfolio includes electrodialysis for electroless nickel plating (EDEN®)


  • Automotive applications such as fuel injection rails, pistons, shock absorbers, carburetors, fuel pumps, slip yokes
  • Applications for the oil and gas industry such as ball valves, drilling components, tubular components, cable glands, gate plugs
  • Applications within heavy machinery, consumer electronics, and food industries

Plating chemicals

Pb and Cd-free electroless nickel processes

Electroless nickel chemicals

Nichem® 11 product range

  • ELV, WEEE and RoHS compliant
  • Nichem® 11 product range allows electroless nickel plated parts to be recycled safely
  • Pb and Cd-free deposits for all applications within the automotive, electrical and electronics industries
  • Comparable or even better performance next to traditionally stabilized electroless nickel processes

Toxic heavy metal-free stabilized electroless nickel processes

Electroless nickel eleven

ELeVEN® product range

  • ELV, WEEE and RoHS compliant
  • Completely free of toxic heavy metal stabilizers
  • Unique stabilizer system
  • Environmentally sound

Traditionally stabilized electroless nickel processes

Electroless nickel fuel tubes

Nichem® product range

  • Full range of high, medium and low phosphorus deposits
  • Reliable technology

Composite coatings

Electroless nickel composite coatings

Niflor® product range

  • Excellent sliding properties
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Self-lubricated deposits

Plating on magnesium alloys

Electroless nickel plating on magnesium_1

GemENi MagNify® product range

  • Reliable pretreatment and processing of magnesium alloys
  • Attractive finishes with excellent wear and corrosion resistance
  • Completely Cr(VI) and cyanide-free
  • Meets and exceeds the ELV, RoHS and WEEE directives requirements


Electrodialysis for electroless nickel

We designed EDEN® as electroless nickel regeneration solution. EDEN® allows continuous purification of the electroless nickel bath by removing by-products.

In this way, EDEN® maintains the concentration of all process ingredients within a defined range and guarantees constant deposit quality over a potentially unlimited bath life.

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“With our EDEN® regeneration system, our customers have already reached over 10,000 Metal-Turn-Overs.”

Rene Lecomte
Manager Special Projects for electroless nickel coatings at Atotech Germany

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