DynaChrome® Plus

Advanced system for hard chrome plating

of piston rods

High-capacity production

Over 6 million rods per year

Plating to size

Savings in chemistry and grinding costs

Environmentally sound

Completely Pb-free process due to platinized anodes

Dynachrome piston rods plating
  • High-capacity production
  • Plating to size and minimal plating thickness variance
  • Completely Pb-free process due to platinized anodes
  • Minimal equipment footprint
  • Fully selectable plating area on rod shaft
  • Versatile plating of different rod dimensions
  • Reliable and predictable quality
  • Reduced environmental impact and reduced exposure and risk to staff
  • Minimal number of operators required to run the line
  • Fully integratable with pre-production and post-production systems
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • Suitable for plating other types of rods and tubes not just shock absorber rods
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  • Designed to plate a wide variety of rod lengths and diameters
  • Suitable for plating other types of rods and tubes not just shock absorber rods
  • DynaChrome® Plus systems commonly connected to the pre-grinding lines and post-processing lines by conveyor belts so that rods can be constantly fed with minimal delay and no need for rust protection

DynaChrome® Plus

Advanced system for hard chrome plating of piston rods

The DynaChrome® Plus system combines unique, patented plating equipment with specialized chemical processes and can be fully integrated into the production process increasing productivity and reducing manual handling.

In our system, chrome plating is conducted immediately after pre-grinding, eliminating the need for storage.

In contrast to conventional systems, DynaChrome® Plus also plates to final specifications. This allows our customers to omit the process of grinding to size using mechanical post-processing, reducing chemistry consumption by 30% and energy consumption by 20%.

Furthermore, an ion exchanger recycles the chrome electrolyte, while the chrome bath is cooled via water evaporation. This allows for the complete recycling of rinse water greatly reducing water consumption by 40% and minimizing wastewater. The enclosed nature and safety features of the system help to prevent exposure to hazardous hexavalent chromium.


Reduction of chemistry consumption


Reduction of water consumption


Reduction of energy consumption

DynaChrome® DCI EC ion exchanger

  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced resin volume by up to 95%
  • Reduced wastewater associated with regeneration by up to 70%
  • Exchangeable columns allowing for easy resin volume adaptation to production changes

Improved ion exchanger, reduced waste

Due to the highly efficient DynaChrome® Plus system and greatly reduced generation of metallic contamination, we have developed a new ion exchange system. This new system has enabled the resin volume to be reduced by up to 95% and wastewater associated with regeneration reduced also by up to 70%. The system incorporates new safety features to prevent accidental damage to the system itself and to provide improved safety for staff.

The DCI EC system is designed for easy exchange of the columns. This allows the installation of different resin volumes to adapt to any changes in production.

DynaChrome® Plus 
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