Leading high quality plating lines – the Dyna series

​Plating lines that boost your efficiency while saving resources

MKS’ Atotech versatile plating lines allow high plating throughput rates for our functional and decorative plating technologies. Our plating systems are designed for barrel and rack plating.

Our highly efficient DynaPlus® plating lines are tailor-made and developed according to the specific requirements of our customers. With the DynaChrome® Plus line, we offer a worldwide unique system for hard chrome plating of shock absorber rods, which increases worker safety while minimizing chemical and energy consumption as well as wastewater generation.

Quick facts

  • Complete engineering package for automatic rack and barrel plating lines (tanks, transporters, control system, dosing, periphery)
  • Higher throughput at smaller footprint – less environmental impact, reducing energy, water and chemical consumption and wastewater generation
  • Holistic service support including customer support for line operation and interactive documentation and trainings
  • Leading on-site service – free of charge lifetime support, predictive and preventive maintenance, support via holographic computer devices and global availability of original spare parts


  • Rack plating and barrel plating lines for surface finishing applications
  • Production solutions for decorative electroplating, plating on plastics, corrosion protection electroplating, hard chrome electroplating, electroless nickel plating
  • Atotech plating lines – the best choice for the automotive, sanitary, jewelry, construction, heavy machinery or aerospace industries and many more

Qualified products, processes, and services

Specialized packaging and transportation

Assembly by qualified technicians

Compliance with local regulations


Highly efficient customized
plating lines

DynaPlus® is one of the most reliable and durable plating lines. Outstanding performance, high-level automation, extremely long uptime and high yield characterize the long-lasting system.

DynaChrome® Plus

Production system for hard chrome plating of piston rods

DynaChrome® Plus, the combination of specifically tailored equipment and chemistry delivers high productivity, excellent quality, and flexibility for the hard chrome plating of piston rods.

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DynaChrome® Plus 
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