Highly efficient customized plating lines

Turnkey electroplating lines

Tailored to plating requirements, facility layout and customer’s needs

High-capacity production

Highly efficient state-of-the-art systems engineering

High-speed production and completion

Due to an effective network of suppliers, flexible production, and installation staff

  • Durable high-capacity, high-efficiency, and high-quality plating line
  • Suitable for all chemical and electrochemical plating technologies
  • Turnkey solutions tailored to specific needs (production volumes, speeds, space and HSE demands)
  • Highly automated, programmable system
  • Sustainable system with a small environmental footprint
  • Optional systems include a wastewater treatment plant and zero liquid discharge system
  • Meticulous design and production
  • Highly efficient state-of-the-art system engineering
  • High-speed system production and completion
  • Predictive maintenance, remote access, and remote troubleshooting

  • For all chemical and electrochemical plating technologies
  • For barrel and rack plating applications
  • Suitable from the smallest to large parts and all kind of base materials


Highly efficient customized plating lines

DynaPlus® is one of the most reliable and durable plating lines on the market. Outstanding performance, high-level automation, exceptionally long uptime and high yield characterize this long-lasting system.

All DynaPlus® plating lines are designed and built in accordance with the customer’s specific needs, production requirements and space availability. The fully automated plating lines are equipped with an intelligent control system. They offer high productivity, excellent coating quality and greater flexibility, all while using resources in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Depending on the space available, additional auxiliary equipment can be incorporated into the lines to enable closed-loop, sustainable production. Optimized exhaust air and heat recovery systems, efficient pumps and motors and intelligent control solutions significantly decrease energy consumption. Improved rinsing mechanisms and automatic regeneration reduce chemical and water consumption while minimizing wastewater generation.


Long-lasting system enabling closed-loop, sustainable production

  • Less energy consumption
  • Less drag-out
  • Less chemical consumption (drag-out related)
  • Less rinse water consumption
  • Less wastewater treatment

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