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Innovative electrochemical plating system for next generation packaging technologies

Fastest deposition speed

High system throughput

Class 5 clean room

MultiPlate® is built to enable an unparalleled plating performance and satisfy the stringent requirements for next generation packaging technologies. Compatibility is paramount and MultiPlate® can accommodate a variety of wafer sizes and thicknesses, panel format, various electrolytes, and many substrates, including silicon and glass.


  • Advanced fluid flow system
  • Dimensionally stable inert anodes
  • Cu dissolving unit
  • Free programmable mechanical agitation
  • Multipurpose rectifier
  • Easy maintenance with modular design
  • Class 5 clean room encapsulation


Pillar Plating

Pillar plating


Double sided plating for embedded components

Double side plating for embedding components


Through hole filling

Through hole filling

Our high purity chemistries are paired with a novel approach to electroplating. MultiPlate® complements our semiconductor product portfolio to enable optimal results – a higher throughput is achieved, plating deposition is significantly faster, and manufacturing efficiency is optimized.

Higher speed pillar plating

  • High speed pillar plating
  • Excellent nonuniformity, coplanarity, and TTV
  • High purity Cu deposit
  • Homogeneous Cu grain structure
  • Superior voiding performance

Double side plating

Double side plating is an ideal solution for embedding components in power applications for enhancing reliability performance, providing higher levels of integration, and lowering manufacturing costs.

  • Thick Cu depositions on both wafer sides
  • Simultaneous plating of vastly different structures on each side
  • No warpage when plating on Taiko wafers
  • Good non-uniformity
  • Reduced process time
  • Low cost of ownership

Through hole filling

Through via filling is a promising alternative for interposer manufacturing with large TSVs, as used in MEMS and CMOS image sensor applications.

  • Reduced process steps
  • Patented “X bridge” mechanism allows filling of vias

MultiPlate® is an innovative electrochemical deposition plating system designed to tackle the current and future challenges for optimal performance in advanced packaging applications.

Built for flexible R&D and high end application-specific production, MultiPlate® can be customized for through hole filling, and both single and double side plating on pillar, redistribution layer, and termination structures.


What inspires us

Why we developed MultiPlate®

Your challenge

As device geometries continue to shrink, semiconductor packaging technologies face constant challenges to provide enhanced performance, more functionality, and reduced costs.

Our solution

MultiPlate® is a next generation high speed plating tool which offers the versatility and multi functionality necessary to tackle the current and future challenges for advanced packaging technologies.



An innovative electrochemical plating system for next generation packaging technologies

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