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Uniplate® PLBCu6

System solutions for mSAP technology

Extending lifetime of chemistry

Saving water

Reducing handling needs

Uniplate® PLBCu6

Inline process from desmear to flash plating for mSAP for high end HDI boards

Atotech’s horizontal equipment is the solution of choice for modified Semi-Additive Process (mSAP) technology. This wet-to-wet solution is designed to produce outstanding reliable interconnects at a very high throughput while minimizing handling and operating needs in the process from desmear and electroless copper to flash plating.

Atotech’s system incorporates innovations that allow significant savings of water and energy and at the same extend the life time of chemistry. Atotech’s system utilizes Securiganth® E series for desmear, Printoganth® U Plus for PTH and Inpulse® 2HFU for electrolytic copper plating to achieve superior throwing power and uniformity.

For finer line and space requirements our Uniplate platform provides several universal transport systems (with UTS-xs down to panel thickness of 40µm+2×2µm copper clad). In addition, we are able to offer solutions for the avoidance of particles and a sophisticated filtration package for fineline structures.

  • Consumer, mobile and computing
  • HDI boards
  • PCBs
  • mSAP
  • IC substrates

  • Entirely inline process with no handling needs and optimized footprint
  • Significantly reduced water and energy consumption
  • Seeking to optimize and extend lifetime of chemistry
  • Process fully controlled via VCS
  • Available with online analyzer system for leading process stability
  • Optional slim roller design in desmear and PTH for minimized touch
  • Automatic cleaning cycles reducing operator capacities
  • Transport system UTS-xs down to 40μm+2×2μm
  • Sophisticated particle reduction and filtration packages available
  • High throughput
  • Highly reliable metallization of through-holes and BMVs
  • Excellent throwing power and uniformity
  • Inert and segmented anodes avoiding oxygen and sludge formation with automatic copper replenishment

What inspires us

Why we developed Uniplate® PLBCu6

Your challenge

Demanding PCB designs and complex configurations are driving the need for improved reliability and overall efficiency. At the same time more complex production methods such as mSAP are proliferating.

Our solution

Atotech’s Uniplate PLBCu6 can be deployed for inline processing of desmear, electroless copper and flash copper plating. The wet to wet process reduces handling needs and the risk for contamination. Well known for its superior throwing power and uniformity, it saves water and chemistry measurably – helping customers meet their sustainability goals.

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