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Atotech universal transport system

Sophisticated transport systems for every format

Broad range of panel thicknesses

Safe transport through the line

Available as retrofit

Optimum material processing with the unique UTS – Universal transport system

Whatever your requirements may be, be it thick panels of up to 6mm or panels as thin as 25µm with 2×2µm copper clad, with the unique Atotech universal transport system your line is equipped to safely transport a broad range of PCBs.

UTS-xs+ is available for PTH and desmear lines.

UTS-xs+ available for desmear and PTH

The new Atotech transport system UTS-xs+ for ultra-thin materials features individual flooding delivery, frequency controlled pumps, automatic fluid level management and special guiding elements for smooth and uniform thin panel transportation.

The innovative approach to PCB transport enables customers to safely transport even the thinnest panels safely through the lines.

The new universal transport system UTS-xs+ design achieves significant improvements in panel transportation safety over its horizontal competitors. A special wing design at the inlet and outlet of the flooding device limits panel movement and thus improves transport for materials down to 25µm with 2×2µm copper clad.

Currently, Atotech’s P and LB lines can either be newly ordered with the UTS-xs+, or, customers can have their existing Atotech P or LB retrofitted to a UTS-xs+, provided their existing line has a universal transport system in xs.

Prerequisite for a retrofit:

  • Existing transport system is a UTS-xs
  • The maximum surface etch rate in the line is less than 0.5µm
  • The gap between panels is min. 150 mm
  • The panel corner edges are rounded (radius ≥ 5 mm)
  • Values valid for FR4 and BT material with glass reinforcement

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