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OS-Tech® SIT 2

OSP finish for mixed metal substrates in SIT technology


with homogeneous thickness

High heat resistivity

for enhanced reliability


no discoloration

OS-Tech® SIT 2 is an OSP finish that was developed for SIT applications with mixed metal substrates. It provides a smooth, even and defect-free organic coating with high heat stability.

A complimentary microetch system can further support the homogeneity of the deposit by leveling the underlying copper substrate. The bath is characterized by a wide operating window enabling easy handling and low maintenance processing.

  • Nickel-free finish applicable for high frequency
  • Cost-effective solution for multiple soldering applications

  • Simple two-step drop-in process
  • Heat-resistant organic coating with an even appearance
  • Excellent layer homogeneity and heat stability
  • Economic process with short processing times and mild process parameters
  • Smooth and even deposit with dedicated etch system for best performance
  • Easy process handling and low maintenance
  • Cost-competitive process with fulfilling the highest reliability demands

What inspires us

Why we developed OS-Tech® SIT 2

Your challenge

In second image technology the OSP process has to deposit selectively on the copper pads without leading to discoloration on the gold plated pads or uneven deposit on connected and isolated copper pads. Beside that it needs to provide a reliable surface finish which does not affect the further assembly of the ENIG deposit.

Our solution

OS-Tech® SIT 2 is a two-step OSP process that allows the even and homogeneous deposition of the organic coating on the copper pads only. The deposited layer is of even appearance and can survive multiple reflow cycles without discoloration or degradation. The process is characterized by a wide working window allowing easy handling and providing high process robustness. A dedicated microetch is available to provide a smooth copper surface and further enhance the layer homogeneity.

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