The complete line of final finishes

for today’s and future market needs


Reliable cost effective final finish for ultimate solderability and corrosion resistance

70% market share globally

More than 10Million m²/year production

Market leading m²/l throughput

Auxillary equipment guarantees constant process control and significantly less new make ups

Superior horizontal processing

Stannatech® Horizon lines combine chemistry and processing

Within the electronics industry immersion tin is recognized as a reliable surface finish for both PWBs and IC substrate applications. It is used in many market segments, such as automotive, communications, consumers and industrial electronics.

With more than 160 Installations, Stannatech® is the mostly used immersion tin process worldwide. Stannatech can be run in vertical and horizontal mode. Atotech has the advantage that with regard to horizontal tin plating it can offer the Stannatech® Horizon System, which provides both, chemistry and equipment from one hand. High bath stability combined with consistent plating quality due to the support of peripheral equipment like Crystallizer™ and Constannic™. The Stannatech® portfolio includes the market leading Stannatech® 2000, Stannatech® SF 8 for improved rinsability especially for vertical applications and the latest, dedicated process for IC substrates: Stannatech® IC. All Stannatech processes are compatible with our horizontal systems and auxiliary equipment to ensure low chemical consumption and a long process lifetime.

automotive multilayer hdi
  • Highest reliability automotive production
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance
  • High volume horizontal processing

  • World´s leading immersion tin process
  • Ideally suited for conveyorized application; the uniquely fast deposition speed enables an optimized footprint
  • Excellent solderability, exceptional corrosion resistance and extended shelf life
  • Immersion tin spinoffs to specifically cater for IC substrates and QFN production

What inspires us

Why we developed Stannatech®

Your challenge

To apply a reliable, cost effective final finish that is endorsed by many of the world’s leading OEMs. The expectation is to have process with a predictable performance in combination with minimal downtime for maintenance.
To find a ‘one stop’ supplier with the expertise and responsibility to be relied upon in a challenging production environment.

Our solution

Stannatech® 2000 is truly high volume manufacturing proven with over 70% market share. Immersion tin has none of the stability pitfalls of electrolytic processes and can be applied in a high volume or stop/start environment as bath loadings is of no consequence. Immersion tin is technically compatible with multiple reflow cycles, Pb free and eutectic soldering under atmospheric and nitrogen environments and resitant to the most stringent corrosion tests. Production traceability and control can be guaranteed when using Atotech equipment and chemistry in harmony. Atotech’s expertise can advise on the steps prior to and post the immersion tin process.

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