High quality chemistry

for advanced semiconductor packaging


Electroless plating solutions for pad and under bump metallization and RDL housing

Robust and stable

adhesion between pad and IC substrate


according to Automotive Spec AEC – Q100-010 RE

Low CoO

compared to sputtering technologies

Xenolyte® enables hard, corrosion free, and stress minimized metal stack to protect underlying active structures and provide a robust, stable, and low resistance solder joint connection to the IC substrate.  

  • Electroless deposition of Ni, Pd, Au and Sn
  • Compatible with Al, Cu, AlCu and AlSiCu surfaces
  • No pad splashing for Cu wire bonding
  • Corrosion free and stress minimized protection of underlying interconnects
  • Pure Pd deposition

Compared to most competitive products Xenolyte® has a high reliability due to the pure Pd deposition and is qualified according to automotive specification (AEC Spec Q 100-10 RE) which makes the process a unique solution for power chips and the automotive industry.

Automotive_low Consumer electronics_low Medical_low

  • IGBTs
  • Power IC
  • Memory
  • Image sensors

With Xenolyte®‘s proven technologies, the following process and deposition requirements are satisfied at significantly lower costs compared to traditional sputtering technology:  


  • Effective diffusion barrier
  • Lead free electrolyte conforms to RoHS
  • Low stress
  • Fast deposition rate
  • Low, mid, and high phosphorous electrolytes available


  • Pure Pd deposit
  • Long bath life
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Excellent reliability at high temperatures
  • Improved shear strength


  • Immersion process
  • Improved corrosion stability
  • Cyanide free solution conforms to RoHS
  • Low temperature process


  • Methane sulfonic acid based
  • Improved adhesion promotion between Cu and organic material
  • Fast deposition rate
  • Low temperature process
  • Immersion process
In addition to the Xenolyte® portfolio, Stannolyte® Sn can be used for deposition of tin to provide a reliable surface finish, protect untreated Cu pads, and deliver a perfect base for soldering.


A clear goal

The Xenolyte® portfolio is cyanide and lead free, conforms to RoHS (EU guideline on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances), and enables environmentally responsible green technology solutions.

Atotech’s pad metallization process

The Xenolyte® portfolio includes cleaning and activation, pre-treatment, and plating chemistries for the electroless deposition of nickel, palladium and gold.



  • Cleaning
  • Etching
  • Activation for Al, Cu, AlCu and AlSiCu surfaces


Pad and under bump metallization

  • Ni: Diffusion barrier to protect underlaying actives and prevent formation of Kirkendall voids
  • Pd: Protection against oxidation and perfect surface finish for wire and wedge bonding
  • Au: Protection against oxidation and perfect surface finish for soldering

Why we developed Xenolyte®

Your challenge

Stable and reliable Pd deposition at high throughput is one of the key requirements to reduce the costs of the entire under bump metallization process.

Our solution

Our Xenolyte® Pd is a unique solution for enabling a pure Pd deposition, which results in high reliability and outstanding bath life performance.

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