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Simple, cost effective process for improved inner layer bonding

More than 350 installations worldwide

BondFilm® is the most widely used and trusted Oxide replacement chemistry on the globe

Matched with Atotech's systems

Best chemistry and equipment fit with Atotech’s Horizon® systems

Reliable performance and adhesion

Excellent adhesion and thermal reliability on all industry-standard dielectric materials

BondFilm® – The process


Proper cleaning of the copper surface is a necessary prerequisite for the formation of the surface. BondFilm® Cleaner ALK is an effective and simple alkaline cleaner for removal of soils and contaminants from the inner layer surface, this step is more than capable of removing fingerprints and any residues left on the surface.

Activation – Following the cleaning step, BondFilm® Activator pretreats the Copper to create the proper surface conditions necessary for the formation of the adhesion layer itself. In addition to uniformly activating the Copper surface, this stage also protects the BondFilm process solution from contamination caused by “drag-in”.

Finally the activated copper surface is then treated in the BondFilm® solution to form the organo-metallic coating. This component system offers a high degree of operating flexibility with simplified process maintenance. This component system offers a high degree of operating flexibility with simplified process maintenance.

Typically, the entire BondFilm® process, including rinsing and drying, requires only approximately three minutes for treatment in the conveyorized (horizontal) mode.

Atotech also offers equipment that is ideally suited and developed for the BondFilm® process – the Horizon® line.

automotive multilayer hdi

  • World´s leading Oxide Replacement product for Inner-Layer Bonding
  • Ideally suited for conveyorized application – matched chemistry and equipment with Atotech´s Horizon® system
  • Reliable adhesion – combination of mechanical and chemical bonding mechanism
  • Also suitable for Laser Direct Drilling pretreatment

After BondFilm treatment x 5000

Top: Cu surface untreated, bottom: after BondFilm® treatment, both x 5000

  • Consistent bonding enhancement
  • High copper loading (typically 28 g/l– 45 g/l)
  • Simple, dependable, low temperature process
  • Wider operating window
  • Greatly reducing the formation of “pink ring” and “wedge voids”
  • Lower cost of inner layer processing by improving yields

Why we developed BondFilm®

Your challenge

The fast & reliable Inner-Layer Bonding of your multilayers and HDIs is a key concern within your production flow. To satisfy you customers and meet your process and operational targets you rely on excellent bonding strength properties, high thermal reliability and no delamination failures.

Our solution

BondFilm® is the world’s leading Oxide Replacement product for Inner-Layer Bonding. The product creates a unique combination of mechanical and chemical bonding through copper surface roughening and the application of an organo-metallic layer. This provides the desired bonding strength and thermal reliability that our customers trust in over 350 installations globally.

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