Unmatched portfolio of functional and decorative solutions

Understanding the automotive industry

At Atotech, we have a deep understanding of the requirements of automotive manufacturers, OEMs, and their suppliers. This, combined with our expertise in surface finishing, enables us to provide customized solutions that meet the demanding performance and quality requirements of the industry. Our product range offers technologies that cover the entire spectrum of decorative and functional surface treatments.

This includes a comprehensive palette of trendsetting design options for decorative applications, corrosion protection solutions, processes in line with the specific requirements of automotive electronics, functional surfaces for superior wear resistance and friction reduction, as well as paint pretreatment and paint support technologies for automotive applications.

Atotech automotive solutions

Whether it’s providing the right surface finishes for new car exterior and interior materials, or ensuring more comfort, safety and entertainment, we help complete the driving experience. With our strong commitment to sustainability, Atotech’s systems and equipment are designed to use water, energy and raw materials with high efficiency. At the same time, we strive to eliminate harmful substances from our products, contributing to a sustainable automotive industry.

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Electroplated decorative finishes are the perfect design and technology choice for advanced automotive interiors. Their versatility and variability in color, brightness, and reflectivity harmonize perfectly with innovative materials and light effects, and reflectivity. With our TriChrome® family of trivalent decorative chromium processes, we help designers break away from standard solutions.

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The industry’s approved choice

Our global automotive approvals

Atotech’s processes fulfill the requirements of a substantial number of OEM specifications and are approved by automotive manufacturers and Tiers worldwide.

Our leading position as a partner to the automotive industry is reflected by the constantly growing number of approvals achieved. This is why we have created a special feature to provide key information: a list of specification numbers together with approved product families from the Atotech range, including details on their performance features for both our corrosion protection and decorative coatings.

Our approvals

Our automotive experts

Let our global experts support your business

Our global OEM team is the interface between customers, OEMs, Tiers and Atotech. Located in various countries, our experts are only a heartbeat away from OEMs/Tiers worldwide to identify future technologies, allowing us to tailor products and features to the industry’s needs and demands.

OEM contacts

Our AAA program

Atotech Automotive Applicators for corrosion protection coatings

A cornerstone of our automotive approach is the global network of certified applicators – known as the Atotech Automotive Applicators (AAA) program. AAA certification demonstrates to the automotive community that a plater or coater is a capable applicator of our technologies meeting or exceeding automotive industry quality standards and specification requirements.

Atotech Automotive Applicators

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