Auxiliary systems for zinc electroplating

More efficiency in a sustainable way

Environmentally sound

Reducing chemical consumption and extending bath lives

Cost efficient

Combining cost effectiveness with environmental protection

Consistent plating quality

Optimizing essential process parameters

Tricotect® regeneration system for Cr(III) passivates

  • Fewer dilutions
  • Fewer additives
  • Savings on wastewater treatment chemicals

Extend the bath life of Cr(III) passivates

Our production-proven ion exchange system Tricotect® selectively removes contaminating metals from high performance passivates. Tricotect® allows for continuous online purification without interrupting production, providing a potentially unlimited bath life for the passivate. Suitable for rack and barrel lines, Tricotect® can be used with many of Atotech’s trivalent chromium passivates. It allows for lower usage of valuable substances, significant cost savings due to fewer new make-ups and minimized wastewater production.

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Membrane anode technology for zinc nickel electrolytes

  • Cyanide-free
  • Fewer additives
  • Less energy consumption per square meter
  • Higher plating rate

Increase cyanide-free alkaline zinc nickel plating rate

Our ZnNi XL processes combine Atotech’s unique alkaline zinc nickel electrolytes with membrane anode technology. The membrane prevents the decomposition of organic compounds at the anode and inhibits the formation of cyanide. Through this process, the formation of breakdown products can be completely avoided. Membrane anode technology also allows for reduced consumption of additives and an extended bath life. The deposition rate is 30 – 50% higher than in conventional installations and the quality of the deposits can be maintained at a constant level during production.

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