Interlox® 5707


Phosphate-free paint pretreatment


for multi-metal applications

Superior process stability

Consistent performance across a broad temperature range, concentrations and pH

Multi-metal capability

One system for all metal substrates, eliminating additional lines

Environmentally sound

Free of P, Cr, Zn, Ni and Co

Interlox paint support
  • Superior process stability
  • Multi-metal capability
  • Ambient temperature operation
  • Produces minimal sludge and scale compared to conventional processes
  • Single product replenishment simplifies process operation
  • Suitable for high line-speed applications such as white goods and automotive/motorcycle applications
  • Environmentally sound

Automotive_lowWhite goods_low

  • White goods/consumer appliances
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Automotive and motorcycle components

Interlox® 5707

Phosphate-free paint pretreatment for multiple metals

Interlox® is our second generation zirconium-based, phosphate-free paint pretreatmentprocess that provides superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance for a wide variety of metal substrates.

Interlox® 5707 is designed for high line speed washers, specifically white goods applications (household appliances, electrical enclosures and air conditioning units), but can be used for a variety of other applications, such as automotive and motorcycle components.

Unlike conventional paint pretreatment processes such as iron phosphate and zinc phosphate, Interlox® 5707 operates at ambient temperature and produces little to no sludge, contributing to substantial energy savings and consistent process performance. In addition, Interlox® 5707 utilizes single product replenishment formulation, allowing for automated control and leading to simplified process operation.

What inspires us

Why we developed Interlox® 5707

Your challenge

One of the primary challenges today for the paint pretreatment market is successfully eliminating phosphorus-based processes while maintaining superior corrosion and paint performance. As manufacturers gain a better understanding of process control and become more cost conscious, they desire products capable of improving production efficiency and process sustainability while reducing energy consumption.

Our solution

We developed Interlox® 5707 with these challenges in mind. By focusing on phosphorus-free technology, we successfully eliminated the many adverse attributes associated with iron and zinc phosphates, including sludge formation and costly line maintenance. Interlox® 5707 provides manufacturers an environmentally responsible solution that improves production efficiency and reduces costs.

Interlox® product line

Phosphate-free conversion coatings for multiple metals

Interlox® processes are the ideal solution for replacing conventional pretreatments, providing a more sustainable and economical process for paint applicators. Interlox® is suitable for use on multiple substrates, paint types (wet paint, powder paint, e-coat) and applications, including appliances/white goods, architectural aluminum, aluminum wheels and automotive/motorcycle components.

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