UniPrep® AC


Weld and laser cutting scale removal solutions

Providing safe work environment

Removing scale from weld and laser cuts without use of hazardous chemicals or mechanical grinding

Superior paint quality for multi-metal applications

Improves paint coverage and adhesion for welds and laser cut components

Sustainable, near neutral pH solution

Free of APEs, P, F, B and strong acids

  • Efficiently removes weld and laser scale, even in recessed areas of complex geometry parts
  • Supports improved paint adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • Offers safe work environment, eliminating hazards associated with mechanical and strong acid methods
  • Can operate at near neutral pH resulting in less substrate etching
  • Versatile solutions suitable for both spray and immersion applications
  • Improved coverage and paint performance for e-coat
  • Free of APEs, P, F, B as well as hydrochloric and nitric acid
  • Facilitates process savings through longer solution life and lower wastewater treatment costs

  • Automotive and motorcycle
  • Construction, agricultural, and heavy machinery equipment
  • Furniture
  • Appliances

UniPrep® AC

Sustainable and safe weld and laser scale removal solution

Weld and laser-cut areas often pose a significant challenge in regard to maintaining painted component quality. The formation of oxides and scale prevents the proper deposition of corrosion protective coatings and adhesion of paint systems to the substrates surface. As a result, premature paint loss and corrosion occur. Traditionally, removing the scale has involved mechanical methods or the use of strong acids, but are unsustainable and a safety risk for employees.

The UniPrep® AC line of weld and laser scale removal products is the ideal alternative to conventional descaling techniques like grinding, media blasting, and concentrate acid processes. Operating at a mild to near neutral pH, UniPrep® AC ensures a safe working environment. Its sustainable formulations minimize the burden on wastewater treatment, while also meeting various customer and regulatory requirements by being free of concerning substances.

By improving paint adhesion on welds and laser cuts, UniPrep® AC supports improved overall quality, reducing the risk for premature corrosion and paint loss. while ensuring the longevity and durability of the manufactured components.

What inspires us

Why we developed UniPrep® AC

Your challenge

Weld and laser cut areas pose a significant challenge for painted components as the oxide scale formed during these processes can impede the effectiveness of pretreatment and paint adhesion, resulting in premature paint failure and corrosion. Traditional methods of scale removal often rely on mechanical abrasion or the use of strong acids, which not only have environmental concerns but also pose safety hazards for employees involved in these operations. Finding a more effective and safer solution for weld and laser scale removal is critical in the industry.

Our solution

Our UniPrep® AC is the ideal solution for weld and laser scale removal. Unlike conventional methods like grinding, media blasting, and strong acids, UniPrep® AC offers an advanced and sustainable alternative. Operating at mild to near neutral pH levels, it provides a safe work environment, minimizes wastewater burden, and meets regulatory requirements. Designed to improve paint adhesion on welds and laser cuts, UniPrep® AC eliminates oxide scale in these areas as the first point of corrosion and improves paint characteristics, especially in automotive and heavy equipment applications seeking extended warranties.

Achieve superior results in scale removal while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and regulatory compliance with UniPrep® AC.

UniPrep® AC
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