Covertron® 600


A new era in Cr(VI)-free pretreatment of plastics

Full Cr(VI)-free process

Meets current regulations

Fulfills industry requirements

Appearance, adhesion, thermocycle tests

Suitable for a large variety of plastics

ABS, ABS/PC, PP and others

Plating chemcials for plating on plastics
  • Process implementation, quality and performance comparable to current Cr(VI) etching
  • Applicable for ABS and ABS/PC resins, as well as selective plating (2K/3K) and other materials 
  • Compatible with immersion copper and nickel strike
  • Recycling equipment available to maintain the process at optimum conditions
  • Appearance, adhesion and thermocycle validated for multiple industries, including automotive (passed for all majors OEMs), sanitary, etc. 
  • Controllable with simple analytical methods

Automotive_low Sanitary_low White goods_low chair Diamond

  • Highly suitable for a wide range of application including automotive, sanitary, white goods, furniture, consumer goods and cosmetics finishes
  • Versatile process family, which can be used for ABS, ABS/PC, PP, selective plating, exotic plastics, etc.

Covertron® 600  

Flexible pretreatment process for plastic metallization

Covertron® 600 is our latest development in its range of Cr(VI)-free plastic pretreatment processes. The reliable process is able to deliver similar performance and quality as the current Cr(VI) benchmark. Compatible with immersion copper as well as nickel strike, it allows for a simple integration into the existing or new plating lines.

Covertron® 600 finally eliminates hexavalent chromium from decorative plating lines allowing plating on plastics to fulfill REACH regulations. The Cr(VI)-free and non-PFAS pretreatment for a large variety of polymers, including most of the currently used plateable resins, but also for more specific applications such as selective plating, completes MKS’ Atotech sustainable range of Cr(VI)-free processes for plating on plastics.


What inspires us

Why we developed Covertron® 600

Your challenge

Chromium trioxide, a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) according to REACH, requires authorization for use of in Europe since September 21, 2017. With an interest extending far beyond Europe to eliminate hazardous chemicals, customers are looking for alternatives to hexavalent chromium containing processes which meet the current technical requirements of the industry for the pretreatment of plastics.

Our solution

Having been involved in plating on plastics since the very beginning, Atotech has long been committed to developing alternatives to chromosulfuric acid etching for the pretreatment of plastics and the task has not been easy. With Covertron® 600, our latest generation of Cr(VI)-free etching, we offer a robust process able to match the technical performance of the current chromosulfuric etching.

Covertron® 600 
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