UniClean® 110


Environmentally responsible

buffing compound remover

Environmentally responsible

Free of APEs, phosphates, amines, borates, hard complexers

High performance

Effective buffing compound removal and long bath lifetime

Steel, brass and ZBDC compatible

Suitable for steel, copper alloys and zinc alloys

  • Economical liquid product
  • Moderately alkaline soak and ultrasonic cleaner
  • Reliable removal of buffing / polishing paste residues
  • Free of phosphates, borates and amines
  • Free of APEs (Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates)
  • No harmful solvents
  • Suitable for steel, copper, copper alloys and zinc alloys
  • Easy waste treatment (neutralization precipitation)

  • Suitable for polished goods with a decorative finish
  • Meets the most demanding requirements of the sanitary, jewelry and furniture industries worldwide


Environmentally responsible buffing compound remover

UniClean® 110 is our latest hot soak and ultrasonic cleaner for buffing compound and polishing paste residue removal from steel, copper alloy and zinc alloy parts used typically in the decorative, sanitary and jewelry industries. UniClean® 110 is a very effective cleaner that has been specially formulated to be free of typical troublesome substances like; APEs, phosphates, amines, borates, hard complexers and harmful solvents. This helps make wastewater treatment simpler and typically only requiring neutralization precipitation.

It also reduces the impact on the environment compared to common buffing compound remover and soak cleaners.UniClean® 110 does not leave a hydrophobic layer on the parts enabling the shortening of the process sequence to avoid a film remover step. Despite its moderate alkalinity UniClean® 110 has minimal attack of the metal substrates ensuring the bright polished appearance is maintained after the plating process.

UniClean® 110 is a concentrated liquid product making it easy to use and combined with a long, effective bath lifetime also highly economical.

What inspires us

Why we developed UniClean®110

Your challenge

Effective removal of tenacious residues of polishing and buffing compounds on highly polished decorative parts while avoiding damage to the sensitive brass, and especially zinc alloy, substrates is challenging. Although using certain substances like; NPEs, amines, phosphates, borates, hard complexers and harmful solvents can enhance the cleaning effect and inhibit substrate attack they are also undesirable because of their health and environmental impact.

Our solution

UniClean® 110 was created to avoid the use of the undesirable substances while still being an effective hot soak and ultrasonic cleaner with minimal attack on sensitive brass and zinc alloy substrates. Designed as an easy to use liquid product with a long effective bath lifetime UniClean® 110 is an environmentally responsible process without compromising on cleaning efficiency.

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