UniStrip® HPN


Stripper for high phosphorus nickel coatings

on steel substrates

Effective high phosphorus nickel stripping

Reliable stripping of high phosphorus nickel coatings

Consistent stripping and long lifetime

Stripping rate remains consistent over the processes long lifetime

Minimal substrate attack

Excellent inhibition to avoid attack on steel substrates

  • Easy to use liquid products
  • Efficient stripping of even high phosphorus nickel coatings
  • Suitable for low and medium phosphorus nickel coatings
  • Consistent stripping rate over lifetime
  • Long lifetime of over 20 g/l Ni possible
  • Free of cyanide or fluoride
  • Minimal steel substrate attack

Automotive_lowOil and gas_lowConstructions_low
  • Suitable for the reworking or refurbishing of steel parts
  • Meets the most demanding requirements of the automotive, industrial, oil & gas, construction and mining industries worldwide


Stripper for high phosphorus nickel coatings on steel substrates

UniStrip® HPN is a stripper of high phosphorous nickel coatings on steel substrates that gives consistent stripping rates over a long bath lifetime.

UniStrip® HPN is a moderately high pH stripper with a special inhibition system to ensure minimal attack of steel substrates, essential for times when regions of a part are fully stripped and the bare substrate is exposed while stripping continues for other regions that still have a nickel layer.

As UniStrip® HPN is also effective and even faster at stripping low and medium phosphorous nickel coatings it can be used as a universal electroless nickel stripping bath.

UniStrip® HPN is based on two concentrated liquid products that are easy to use and handle.

What inspires us

Why we developed UniStrip®HPN

Your challenge

The high content of phosphor in high phosphorous nickel coatings gives them high corrosion resistance which in turn makes it difficult to strip them. With common nickel strippers the stripping rate drops to an unusably low level within a short amount of time. This requires the old bath to be dumped and a fresh bath made-up to continue stripping. This is wasteful of chemistry, time and money as well as being environmentally unsound.

Our solution

UniStrip® HPN was developed to increase the active lifetime of the bath and to give consistent stripping rates. With a UniStrip® HPN bath lifetime of over 20 g/l nickel contamination and consistent stripping rates near to 5µm/h means that parts with high phosphorous nickel coatings can be reliably and predictably stripped. This reduces the need for frequent bath make-ups resulting in savings in time, chemistry, waste, costs and a reduction of the environmental impact.

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