Techseal® Black SL VA


Excellent corrosion resistance


with modern black design

Semi-bright black finish

High color stability in combination with a black base coat

Approved for Volkswagen TL180

Fulfilling the Volkswagen requirements like heat-loosening properties

Integrated lubricant

Giving controlled coefficient of friction even after multiple mounting

 Techseal Black Fasteners
  • Organic black top coat
  • Attractive, semi-bright black finish
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • High color stability in combination with a black base coat
  • Solvent-based with integrated lubricant
  • Fulfilling the Volkswagen requirements for CoF even after multiple mounting and heat-loosening
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent handling – lowest abrasion, best adhesion
  • Approved for Volkswagen TL180
  • Suitable for dip-spin and spray
  • Typically used for any kind of fasteners and other parts

Techseal® Black SL VA

Advanced black top coat with outstanding mounting properties

The TL 180 specification represents Volkswagen’s high performance standards for black zinc flake finishes and currently has the most demanding and complex requirements. To fulfill VW’s demanding requirements for assembly a sophisticated top coat is needed: Techseal® Black SL VA.

The organic top coat with an attractive semi-bright deep black appearance provides very good coverage and chemical resistance. More importantly, this product meets the very challenging requirements for multiple mounting against e-coat and aluminum with low CoF deviation and simultaneously limited heat-loosening properties. Techseal® Black SL VA shows best adhesion with lowest abrasion to avoid dust formation.

Techseal® Black SL VA is approved for TL180 in combination with MKS’ Atotech leading black base coat Zintek® 300 HP.

This black zinc flake system successfully passes the challenging corrosion protection requirements: 720 h without base metal corrosion and only limited change of the surface as well as 240 h without change in appearance, not exceeding the S1 classification (acc. DIN 34804).

With its remarkable features like low CoF deviation even after multiple mounting, excellent heat-loosening characteristics and high color stability in corrosion testing period Techseal® Black SL VA is the perfect solution for Volkswagen’s demands. The coating system is applied for various fasteners including metric parts as well as other components.

What inspires us

Why we developed Techseal®Black SL VA

Your challenge

Automotive industry’s expectations and requirements are particularly high when it comes to the appearance of finishes.
With regards to black finishes, uniformity and long-term stability of the color are among the main issues of concern. In addition to that, automotive specifications also require excellent corrosion resistance and stable coefficient of friction properties.

Our solution

With its groundbreaking zinc flake system Atotech has met most challenging demands for black zinc flake finishes in the automotive industry.
Techseal® Black SL VA provides an attractive, semi-bright deep black surface. The top coat is also achieves the best results for coefficient of friction properties, high corrosion protection and chemical resistance.


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