Zintek® 200 XT


The neXT level base coat

Exceptional performance

Neutral salt spray test (NSST) and cyclic corrosion testing (CCT)

Excellent color stability

Attractive silver appearance and outstanding delay of white corrosion

Environmentally sound

Free of harmful metals such as Cr(VI),
cadmium, cobalt, lead or nickel

Zinc flake coater
  • Inorganic silver premium zinc flake base coat
  • Outstanding cathodic corrosion protection
  • Exceptional performance in NSST as well as CCT
  • Excellent delay in white rust formation
  • Very good adhesion
  • Attractive silver appearance
  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Free of harmful heavy metals such as Cr(VI), cadmium, cobalt, lead or nickel
  • Combinable with Atotech’s Zintek® Top, Techseal® or Techdip® top coats
Automotive_low Icon_clamp Icon_Spring
  • Fasteners, springs, clips, brake components
  • Large chassis and stamping parts
  • Dip-spin, rack-spin and spray

Zintek®200 XT

The neXT level base coat

Zintek® 200 XT is a silver zinc flake base coat with exceptional cathodic corrosion protection compared to standard systems available.The main application field is in dip-spin for any kind of fasteners and for large parts like chassis or brake components where rack-spin or spray application is used.

Our base coat is an environmentally friendly product which does not contain any harmful heavy metals such as hexavalent chromium, nickel, cobalt or cadmium.

Zintek® 200 XT can reach corrosion protection of 1700h or more in Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSST) without base metal corrosion depending on application method and layer thickness. In cyclic corrosion testing (CCT), 6 cycles and more can be achieved in the Ford L-467/ACT II environment.

Performance can be further enhanced by the application of our inorganic top coat range Zintek® Top or MKS’ Atotech organic top coats Techseal® or Techdip®.

What inspires us

Why we developed Zintek® 200 XT

Your challenge

Benchmarks for quality, design and sustainability are constantly changing. OEMs and Tiers especially from the automotive industry are continuously looking for improvements. 

Here corrosion protection coatings have to fulfill or even exceed existing requirements for corrosion resistance, increasingly also in cyclic tests and color stability.

Our solution

The high performance base coat Zintek® 200 XT provides premium protection with significantly reduced white rust formation.

With its features, Zintek ® 200 XT is outperforming standard coatings available and setting the neXT level of corrosion protection with zinc flake coatings.

Zinc flake coating systems

Zinc flake technology provides a high grade of corrosion protection using combinations of specialized base and top coats. Largely embraced by the fastener industry, such coatings find widespread use within a variety of applications ranging from fasteners, hose clamps, clips or brake components for the automotive industry, special fasteners in the wind power, construction and other industries. Atotech offers a comprehensive range of processes including silver and black finishes for different application areas. The coatings are completely Cr(VI)-free and fulfill global automotive performance requirements.

Zintek® 200 XT
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