Zintek® 300 HP


The best base

for deep black zinc flake surfaces

for deep black zinc flake surfaces

Deep black appearance

Enables uniform deep black appearance avoiding silver spots

Corrosion protection

Excellent performance – 720 h NSST or more are possible in combination with top coats

Delayed white corrosion formation

Increases significantly the color stability of coating systems

Zinc flake coater
  • Inorganic black zinc flake base coat
  • Excellent corrosion protection in combination with Atotech’s top coats
  • Excellent delay of white corrosion formation
  • Very good adhesion
  • Attractive uniform dark appearance
  • Solvent-based
  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Free of harmful heavy metals such as Cr(VI), cadmium, cobalt, lead or nickel

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  • Suitable for dip-spin method

Zintek® 300 HP

The best base for deep black zinc flake surfaces

Zintek® 300 HP is our high-performance black base coat. This solvent-based inorganic zinc flake base coat complements Atotech’s black zinc flake systems – it’s our answer to the rising demand for black finishes, particularly from the automotive industry.

Atotech zinc flake base coats stand out for their superior corrosion protection properties. In addition to resisting corrosion, Zintek® 300 HP contains black pigments enabling an exceptionally uniform deep black appearance. When applied in combination with our black top coat Techdip® or Techseal® optical distraction in terms of silver shine through can be avoided, even after handling. This set of features represents our unique offer in the marketplace.

The new process provides even higher cathodic corrosion protection and optimized drying and rheological behavior than its predecessor Zintek® 300 B.

Consequently, when used as a foundation for a black zinc flake coating system, Zintek® 300 HP enables customers to use fewer coating layers overall. Conventional black coating systems require 4 layers to achieve high level corrosion protection (720 h NSST) and color stability. “Base coat, top coat” combinations with Zintek® 300 HP can be applied in only 3 layers (1+2), providing excellent performance (480 h NSST or more is possible) in addition to notable economic benefits.

Zintek® 300 HP is suitable for dip-spin method for smaller bulk materials. With the Zintek® Black systems, Atotech continues to meet the most challenging industry requirements, satisfying automotive OEMs across the world.

What inspires us

Why we developed Zintek® 300 HP

Your challenge

Quality and design demands – especially in the automotive industry – are constantly changing. In the automotive sector, black finishes for fasteners are an attractive alternative to silver coatings in visible areas. To bring this concept to life, a powerful process was needed to provide both the highest level of color stability and corrosion protection.

Our solution

Our Zintek® 300 HP contains black pigments which imbue products with an exceptionally uniform deep black appearance. It provides the best base for deep black finishes as well as excellent corrosion resistance. Our black zinc flake systems prove that design and functionality need not be mutually exclusive.

Zintek® 300 HP
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