Auxiliary systems for decorative electroplating

More efficiency in a sustainable way

Environmentally sound

Reducing chemical consumption and extending bath lives

Cost efficient

Combining cost effectiveness with environmental protection

Consistent plating quality

Optimizing essential process parameters

HELiX® nickel recovery from rinse waters

  • Fewer additives
  • Advanced nickel recovery from rinse water and
    reuse in nickel plating electrolytes
  • Lower process costs

Improve nickel plating profitability in a sustainable way

The HELiX® (Highly Efficient Long ion Exchanger) is the next generation of ion exchange systems designed to recover nickel from the rinse water of Atotech’s semi-bright, bright, satin and microporous nickel processes. It provides advanced nickel recovery resulting in higher efficiency and higher generated nickel concentrations from the rinses.

Working with a specialized ion exchange resin the HELiX® separates nickel ions from the rinse water. Organic components such as brighteners or wetting agents bypass the resin and go directly to wastewater treatment. After regeneration of the resin an almost organic-free nickel sulfate solution is generated, which is fed back into the nickel electrolytes. The system provides a final nickel sulfate solution with a nickel concentration of approximately 85 g/l.

Nikotect® maintenance and recycling system

  • Fewer additives
  • Consistently high quality
  • Higher yields
  • Less waste
  • No dilution

Minimize process maintenance needs for nickel plating

Our Nikotect® is an advanced maintenance and recycling system for semi-bright, bright and MPS nickel electrolytes. Maintaining high quality bright nickel plating becomes increasingly difficult as the solution ages. This is due to the accumulation of breakdown products from the brighteners as well as oils and chemicals carried into the bath from earlier processing steps decreasing process performance.

The Nikotect® absorber system allows the continuous removal of organic contaminants from nickel electrolytes during production. The system captures organic contaminants on a resin so that they can be easily flushed away with a mild alkaline solution. This replaces treatment with carbon, hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate, produces far less waste and prolongs the lifetime of the solution indefinitely.

Satilume® LongLife regeneration system for satin nickel electrolytes

  • Consistent high quality
  • Higher yields
  • Increased electrolyte lifetime
  • Less waste

Raise satin nickel plating quality

Satilume® LongLife is a regeneration system that combines our well-known Satilume® Plus process with advanced filtration and dosing equipment. Continuous electrolyte filtration and an optimized, fully-automated, additives dosing system help stabilize the process and allow for uninterrupted production, enabling production increases from several hours up to five days with no further maintenance needed.

In addition to ensuring constant, stable satin nickel finishes with improved quality and appearance, Satilume® LongLife also increases the plating capacity of existing production lines, reducing the amount of maintenance required and lowers reject rates.

Satilume® LongLife
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TriChrome® Ion Exchanger regeneration system for TriChrome® electrolytes

  • Removal of metallic impurities from TriChrome® electrolytes
  • Increased electrolyte lifetime
  • Fewer rejects
  • Less regeneration chemistry in multi-loading mode

Control metallic impurities in TriChrome® processes

The TriChrome® Ion Exchanger is a fully-automated regeneration system for our TriChrome® electrolyte range. The system removes metallic impurities in the electrolyte such as copper, nickel, zinc, lead and iron using an ion exchange resin, which can also be automatically regenerated through an automated control sequence.

As well as being suitable for different solution volumes, the TriChrome® Ion Exchanger system can operate continuously or in multi-loading mode, maximizing the capture efficiency of the resin and drastically reducing the need for new regeneration chemistry. As a result, the working lifetime of the electrolyte is extended considerably.

On-line Analytics automated analysis system

  • Increased bath lifetime
  • Higher yields
  • Fewer additives
  • Less maintenance
  • Considerably lower process costs

Optimize with an automated analysis system

Our on-line analytics provide fast, simple and direct control of important parameters that influence the quality of the plating processes. The automated on-line analysis system is easily implemented in pre-existing production lines and provides consistent monitoring of the baths. It also ensures maximum control over the line by performing a comprehensive range of automated analyses, from titration and spectroscopy to conductivity measurements. If combined with dosing units, the system can also automatically adjust the composition of the baths, extending their lifetime and preserving the high quality of the plated layers.

With prompt analysis results, the entire plating process can effectively be maintained at consistent, optimum conditions, resulting in higher material and production yields. By drastically reducing laboratory time, automating the analytical control of process baths also allows for lower overall plating costs. For instance, a decorative, plating on plastics line for automotive parts with 14 process steps and 40 parameters, on the other hand, requires 17 hours of manual work.

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