UniClean® 511


State-of-the-art pickling inhibitor


Formulated to avoid use of harmful CMR substances

Minimized substrate attack

Effective inhibition to minimize steel substrate attack during pickling

Minimized hydrogen embrittlement

Inhibits hydrogen adsorption to minimize hydrogen embrittlement

  • Concentrated liquid additive
  • Minimized substrate attack
  • Effective hydrogen inhibition
  • CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic) and oxidizer-free
  • No negative effect on pickling times and effectivity
  • No negative effect on Zn stripping
  • Suitable for hydrochloric and sulfuric acid pickling

  • Fasteners & hardened steel parts
  • Meets the most demanding requirements of the automotive, industrial and construction industries worldwide


State- of- the- art pickling inhibitor

UniClean® 511 is our latest pickling inhibitor for steel substrates. It is CMR and oxidizer-free making it less hazardous to use and has a reduced impact on the environment compared to common pickling inhibitors. UniClean® 511 allows the normal function of the pickling process for treatment of carbon deposits, solder and weld residues, scale, rust or oxides while protecting the steel substrate.

The highly effective inhibition effect of UniClean® 511 minimizes the attack of the steel substrate so reducing damage to the parts being processed as well as increasing the lifetime of the pickling bath by reducing the rate of contamination increase from dissolved iron in the solution.

The risk of hydrogen induced embrittlement of parts treated in a pickling bath with UniClean® 511 is greatly reduced due to its powerful inhibition of hydrogen diffusion into the crystal lattice of the steel substrate.

UniClean® 511 is a concentrated liquid product making it highly economical as well as easy to use and handle.

What inspires us

Why we developed UniClean® 511

Your challenge

Acid pickling using strong acids like hydrochloric or sulfuric is a common pretreatment step for hardened steel parts or parts with areas of scale and oxide. Due to their nature these solutions readily attack the steel substrate and induce hydrogen diffusion that can lead to hydrogen embrittlement failure of parts processed. Common pickling inhibitors available tend to be based on CMR substances and have limited inhibition effectiveness.

Our solution

UniClean® 511 was developed with a focus on selecting only CMR and oxidizer-free substances to minimize its hazard to users and the environment. Improvement of inhibition effectiveness was achieved to minimize steel substrate attack and minimize hydrogen diffusion to prevent hydrogen embrittlement of parts. UniClean® 511 is an environmentally responsible solution that offers production and technical benefits while reducing costs.

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