UniClean® P1


Cleaning additive for PET flake recycling

Effective contaminant removal

Removing tough contaminants, including dirt, glue, labels, oils, and prints from PET flakes

Enhanced performance and sustainability

Maintains high performance even at lower temperatures reducing energy consumption and heating costs

Low-foaming solution

With its low-foaming properties, it reduces the time and resources required to address foam production

  • Excellent cleaning performance at lower NaOH concentrations
  • Full adhesive and print removal
  • Bright, clean flakes, no yellowing
  • Lower temperature operation results in significant heating energy savings
  • Lower NaOH concentration for easier rinsing and wastewater treatment
  • Reduces chemical consumption due to low make-up and dosing volumes
  • Highly concentrated product causing less shipping, handling, and storage

  • PET recycling industry

UniClean® P1

Environmentally friendlier PET flakes washing process

UniClean® P1 is a highly effective cleaner additive that is specifically designed for PET flake washing lines. It exhibits outstanding deterging, de-labeling, and low-foaming properties, resulting in clean, contamination-free, high-quality PET flakes. These flakes are characterized by their bright and color-free appearance and are resistant to yellowing during subsequent drying processes.

The UniClean® P1 additive composed of unique components that enable it to maintain high performance even at lower temperatures, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. This cleaner additive is specially formulated to remove a wide range of contaminants, such as dirt, glue, food anddrink remains, labels, inks, oils, sugars, and other tough residues that are typically found in PET flakes after production, usage, collection, and transportation. Therefore, it is an all-purpose solution for PET flake washing lines.

The process requires lower make-up and dosing volumes and exhibits a longer bath life, reducing shipping, handling, and storage costs as well as being economical for processing. By reducing the NaOH concentration in the cleaning bath, cost can be saved, and the rinsing water and wastewater treatment can be made easier and cheaper.

What inspires us

Why we developed UniClean® P1

Your challenge

Contaminants like glue, labels, and direct prints on packaging that persistently stick on PET flakes often pose a challenge for PET washing operations. Requiring repeat washing or reduce the product quality and lower its performance in subsequent recycling processes.
Another troublesome feature of insufficiently cleaned or rough-handled PET flakes is their yellowing during the drying processes, compromising their appearance and potentially reducing the final quality.
PET flake washing lines usually operate at higher temperatures and with higher concentrations of sodium hydroxide to fully remove the collection of contaminants. Consequently, energy consumption and rinse- and wastewater treatment typically constitute the highest cost factors for recycling companies.

Our solution

The UniClean® P1 washing process effectively removes all sorts of contaminants. One of its advantages is its capability to efficiently remove labels and print residues on the PET flakes. It produces pristine flakes that do not yellow after washing or during drying processes.

The highly efficient cleaner operates at lower bath temperatures, significantly reducing heating requirements and energy consumption, which not only leads to cost savings but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the PET recycling process.

Using the UniClean® P1 additive helps to reduce the NaOH concentration in the cleaning bath. Therefore, rinsing water and wastewater treatments for this recycling step become less complicated and more economical.

UniClean® P1
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