UniStrip® Rackstrip AF


Ammonia and amine-free rack stripper

Effective rack stripping

Fast and efficient electrolytic stripping of Ni and Cu layers

Ammonia and amine-free

Less restrictions, environmentally friendlier and simple wastewater treatment

Low sludge generation

Easier and less frequent bath maintenance

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF

Fast and effective rack stripping

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF can be used in manual and automatic plating lines and efficiently removes plated metals such as chrome, nickel, and copper. UniStrip® Rackstrip AF is free of cyanides, ammonia, amines, boron, fluoride, nitric acid, and hard chelators. The lack of hard chelators facilitates a simple wastewater treatment plan that doesn’t require complex breaking chemicals.

  • No ammonia or amines, enabling simpler and cheaper wastewater treatment
  • Superior stripping performance with minimal attack on stainless steel
  • Ideal for fully automated plating lines
  • No CMR or toxic substances used
  • No toxic NOx gases evolving
  • Easy to use liquid product
  • Easy to control
  • Minimized sludge generation

  • Suitable for electrolytic removal of plated coatings from 301, 304 and 316 series stainless-steel rack tips
  • For stripping racks typically used for decorative plating and plating on plastic applications for the automotive, sanitary, furniture and jewelry industries worldwide

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF

Ammonia and amine-free electrolytic rack stripper

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF is an effective and fast electrolytic stripper for racks with tips constructed of 301, 304 and 316 stainless steels. It is ideally applied in automatic as well as manual plating lines.

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF is ammonia and amine-free avoiding issues associated with handling ammonium nitrate and restrictions due to the use of amines. The process allows simpler and cheaper wastewater treatment and is formulated to significantly require less COD.

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF generates low amounts of sludge compared to ammonia-based strippers allowing for less frequent and easier bath maintenance.

When copper layers are being stripped from racks, UniStrip® Rackstrip AF’s components can be adjusted in a way that the copper will deposit on the cathodes and can then easily be removed during cathode maintenance. This reduces the metal contamination in the bath prolonging the bath lifetime and reducing the sludge formation at the bottom of the tank.

The mild complexing nature of UniStrip® Rackstrip AF allows for a simple treatment of metal contamination build-ups, which is raising the pH, thus, allowing most of the metal content to precipitate. Metallic particles can then be removed by simple filtration methods. After this treatment process the pH will be readjusted to its operating level for the next stripping sequence.

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF is based on two concentrated liquid products that are easy to use and to handle.

What inspires us

Why we developed UniStrip® Rackstrip AF

Your challenge

Rack maintenance and especially rack stripping is a crucial part of plating processes. Normally rack stripping is performed using strong chemicals like nitric acid or electrolytic rack strippers that contain highly complexing substances like amines and or ammonia. Nitric acid is dangerous for handling, forms toxic NOx gases when stripping, has lower stripping rates for nickel and has short lifetimes. Ammonia and amines in electrolytic rack strippers make wastewater treatment more complicated as the complex has to be broken to enable precipitation of the metals.

Our solution

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF was developed to be ammonia and amine-free and lower in COD compared to common electrolytic rack strippers in use today. This significantly reduces the environmental impact of the process as well as making wastewater treatment and bath maintenance easier and cheaper to perform.

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Learn more about the benefits of environmentally sound rack stripping

Efficient rack stripping is an important part of the plating cycle for decorative and POP applications. Compared to immersion rack stripping that typically utilize strong chemicals like nitric acid which generates harmful gases like NOx, electrolytic rack stripping is a more sustainable alternative since milder chemistry can be used for stripping. UniStrip® Rackstrip AF is an electrolytic rack stripper that doesn’t contain ammonium or amine compounds, but which still ensures the same, excellent, stripping results as the current, leading ammonium-based electrolytic stripping processes.

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UniStrip® Rackstrip AF
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