Nichem® HP 1151


Pb and Cd-free high-phosphorus


electroless nickel process

ELV, RoHS and WEEE compliant

Pb and Cd-free, and even providing boric acid, ammonia and EDTA-free operation

Patented technology

Unique bath composition

Robust process

High stability, even during idle periods

Electroless nickel bath
  • Pb and Cd-free
  • High stability
  • Provides compressive stress throughout the entire bath life up to 6 MTO
  • Contains 10-12% phosphorus
  • Bright appearance
  • Passes the nitric acid test
  • Pore-free at a high coating thickness
  • Patent protected

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  • Suitable for a variety of substrate materials e.g. steel and aluminum
  • Meets the most demanding requirements of automotive, oil and gas, and connector industries worldwide

Nichem® HP 1151

Our Pb and Cd-free high-phosphorus electroless nickel process

Our Pb and Cd-free process, Nichem® HP 1151, not only meets ELV, RoHS and WEEE requirements but also provides customers with an ammonia and EDTA-free operation.

Nichem® HP 1151 has a unique patented bath composition. This process offers particularly high stability – even during idle periods – and has a very wide operating window. It provides compressive stress over the entire bath life up to 6 MTO and can be used for both barrel and rack applications.

The Nichem® HP 1151 finish contains 10-12% phosphorus, is nonmagnetic, and provides an excellent bright appearance. The coating passed the nitric acid test and is pore-free at a high coating thickness. It can be plated on a variety of substrate materials, e.g., steel and aluminum.

What inspires us

Why we developed Nichem® HP 1151

Your challenge

Due to regulations such as RoHS, ELV, WEEE or Reach – as well as increased environmental, health and safety awareness – interest in sustainable electroless nickel coatings is growing. At the same time, however, environmentally-sound electroless nickel coatings need to offer the same or even better stability compared to traditionally stabilized processes.

Our solution

Nichem® HP 1151 is our Pb and Cd-free high phosphorus electroless nickel process. It has a unique patented bath composition that offers particularly high stability – even during idle periods – and a very wide operating window.

What our customers are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers share their experience.


In our line of work, we count on reliable, sustainable electroless nickel technology for plating a variety of complex parts and various substrates. In 2014, we started using Nichem® HP 1151, which has been an excellent choice for our needs.

The process is easy to handle, stays robust during the entirety of the bath lifetime and results in bright, porous-free coatings – even with thick applications. In addition, Atotech Spain provides us with the best after-sales service. It’s not just the quality of their chemicals, but their superlative service that makes all the difference.

Nichem® HP 1151
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