First fluorine-free, non-PFOS, non-PFAS


fume suppressant

Reduction of mist

Significant reduction of Cr(VI) mist in the work area, reducing emissions, exposure and contamination

Non-PFOS, non-PFAS & fluorine-free

Outperforms existing processes in NESHAP stack tests (2 to 4 times lower in Cr6+ emissions).
EPA, CEPA and REACH compliant

Superior performance

Stable, easy to handle and control resulting in superior performance and a wide operating window

  • Non-PFAS, non-PFOS and fluorine-free
  • Substantial reduction of chromic acid misting during operation (passes NESHAP tests)
  • Reduced risk of contamination of adjacent plating solutions by chromic acid fumes
  • Can increase life of ventilation system and other plating line equipment
  • Controllable dense foam blanket thickness
  • Better control and balance due to 2-component solution

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  • For functional and decorative chrome plating
  • Easy monitoring and control through surface tension measurement
  • Surface tension measurement possible with ring or plate tensiometer


Fluorine-free, non-PFOS, non-PFAS fume suppressant

Fumalock® is a highly effective fume suppressing process which is based on surface active components for application in hexavalent chromium plating baths. It is designed to form a dense layer of foam that acts as barrier to prevent the release of hazardous aerosols. The non-PFAS, non-PFOS and flurione-free process provides an excellent balance between controlled foam formation and surface tension reduction.

Fumalock® achieves two to four times lower values of emissions compared to existing processes. The process provides an excellent balance between a controlled foam blanket and the reduction of surface tension to values below 40 (30 – 37) mN/m. It exhibits a wide operating window and an adjustable foam blanket thickness. Additionally, the fume suppressant possesses strong resistance to hard water and excellent tolerance to metal impurities.

Fumalock®’s effective reduction of chromic acid mist during the plating operation facilitates a safer working environment, and also reduces the possibility of contaminating peripherals around the plating tank by chromic acid fumes. As a result, it helps to increase the longevity of plating equipment and related ventilation systems.

What inspires us

Why we developed Fumalock®

Your challenge

During functional and decorative chromium plating, a significant amount of gas bubbles are generated at the anodes and cathodes, which produce a mist containing Cr6+. This mist poses a serious health hazard to personnel working at the plating line and also contaminates the environment and equipment near the plating tank. For this reason, legislation in some countries leads to a ban of Cr6+ compounds until September 2024. In the context of health and environmental protection in the surface industry, corresponding restrictions also regulate the use of non-degradable substances such as PFOS and PFAS.

Our solution

Fumalock® is Atotechs latest development to meet the challenges of the stringent new environmental legislation and the first non-PFAS, fluorine-free fume suppressant for hard chrome processes on the global market.
Fumalock® drastically reduces the surface tension to 30 – 37 mN/m and thereby suppresses the emerging mist. Through the formation of a dense thickness foam barrier layer prevention of the mist and Cr(VI) emissions is achieved. Fumalock® also reduces the contamination of the equipment in the vicinity of the plating tank and is able to facilitate a more HES&Q compliant working environment.

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