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“With our global OEM team, Atotech has set in place a link between our company, the OEMs and Tiers.

Trends, needs and requirements of the automotive industry are constantly monitored. With our automotive automotive competence, we do not only answer industry needs – we set new benchmarks for industry requirements.”

Peter Lawin, Global OEM Manager at Atotech in Germany


Global Manager OEM
& Key Account

Peter Lawin
Tel.: +49 30 349 85 774
Email: peter.lawin@atotech.com

Regional Manager North America

John Scharf
Tel.: ++1 313 320 9941
Email: john.scharf@atotech.com

Regional Manager

Scott Rauwald
Tel.: +86 13621824068
Email: scott.rauwald@atotech.com

Erwin Gaedt
OEM Manager Germany

Tel.: +49 173 6286395
Email: erwin.gaedt@atotech.com
Fynn Hugler
OEM Manager Germany

Tel.: +49 172 8178851
Email: fynn.hugler@atotech.com
Pascal Poschmann
OEM Manager Germany

Tel.: +49 173 5912 005
Email: pascal.poschmann@atotech.com
Jean-Louis Baudoin
OEM Manager France

Tel.: +33 6 20148023
Email: jean-louis.baudoin@atotech.com
Matteo Damiani
OEM Manager Italy

Tel.: +39 335 1250739
Email: matteo.damiani@atotech.com
Óscar López Grandío
OEM Manager Spain

Tel.: +34 616 158522
Email: oscar.lopez@atotech.com
Brian Glowacki
OEM Manager General Motors NA
Tel.: +1 248 310 5377
Email: brian.glowacki@atotech.com
Woody Southwell
OEM Manager General Motors NA
Tel.: +1 803 367 8222
Email: woody.southwell@atotech.com
Vivien Nagura
OEM Manager Brazil
Tel.: +55 11 99194 4944
Email: vivien.nagura@atotech.com
Stephanie Zhao
OEM Manager China

Tel.: +86 18917561025
Email: stephanie.zhao@atotech.com
Joseph Wang
OEM Manager China

Tel.: +86 134 8270 4646
Email:  joseph.wang@atotech.com 
Yuzhong Chen
OEM Manager Japan

Tel.: +80 8911 4376
Email: yuzhong.chen@atotech.com
Rohen Bhatnagar
OEM Manager India

Tel.: +91 9899890174
Email: rohen.bhatnagar@atotech.com
Hoseuk Sohn
OEM Manager Korea

Tel.: +82 10 3181 6046
Email: hoseuk.sohn@atotech.com