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Printoganth® P Plus

Versatile horizontal electroless copper for high-end applications

Outstanding process flexibility

Suitable for MLB, HDI, flex / flex-rigid production as well as for AMSAP technology

Superior adhesion

on advanced and flexible substrates such as high Tg FR4, polyimide, BT and PTFE

Excellent process stability and reliability

Optimized performance using Atotech’s mass production equipment

Outstanding adhesion on exposed polyimide and FR4 for reliable HDI and flex production

Flex / Flex-Rigid Application

Printoganth® P Plus offers very good adhesion and no blistering even on smoothest substrates due to favorable internal stress characteristics. Therefore it is the best choice for MLB, HDI and flex / flex-rigid production. The process is used for mass production in all important regions for PCB manufacturing including China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

AMSAP Application

Printoganth® P Plus features a widely adjustable deposition rate of up to 1.0 µm in 8-10 min which enables PCB manufacturers to use this process also for the amSAP technology in horizontal application mode. Combined with Securiganth® RE Etch Cleaner for enhanced dry film adhesion, Printoganth® P Plus is Atotech’s solution not only for FC CSPs, but also for next generation of HDI manufacturing with L/S below 40/40µm.

  • Market leading process for flex and flex/rigid applications
  • High-end IC Substrates based on amSAP technology
  • HDI and MLB applying advanced materials such as high Tg FR4, BT and PTFE

SEM picture: Unique crystal deposit of Printoganth® P Plus on glass fibers

  • Environmentally friendly, cyanide-free tartrate bath
  • internal stress characteristics resulting in unparalleled non blistering performance
  • Superior adhesion on advanced and flexible substrates such as high Tg FR4, polyimide, BT and PTFE
  • Process flexibility through easy adjustment of deposition rate between 0.35 μm to 0.50 μm in 4 min

Why we developed Printoganth® P Plus

Your challenge

Good adhesion of the electroless copper layer on open polyimide surfaces is your key challenge for flex and flex/rigid application. Non-optimized electroless copper processes show delaminations, the so-called blistering, which is not acceptable in high volume manufacturing.

For amSAP application a high electroless copper thickness of about 1.0 µm due to process safety for the subsequent pattern plating process steps and excellent dry film adhesion on the electroless copper surface are your key challenges.

Our solution

Printoganth® P Plus is Atotech’s most versatile electroless copper process for horizontal application. Favorable internal stress characteristics of the electroless copper deposit are resulting in excellent adhesion even on smoothest substrates and non-blistering performance of the process. It’s your process of choice for reliable flex and flex/rigid manufacturing.

The adjustable deposition rate of Printoganth® P Plus, the unique surface morphology of the electroless copper deposit and the highest reliability performance are the reason for the large customer base of Printoganth® P Plus especially for the IC substrate market segment based on amSAP technology.

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