Master Remover® 2000 S


Sustainable paint removal technology


ideal for automotive applications

Process variability


Suitable for spray and immersion applications, operating from mild acidic to alkaline, including neutral pH

Preserves intended substrate

No etching of the substrate and free of extreme temperatures, eliminating undue stress on parts. Compatible with delicate parts and geometry

Environmentally sound

Free of chlorinated solvents and sulfuric acid. With long life to no dump capability. Low energy, low consumption & low waste generation

  • Suitable for spray or immersion applications
  • Preserves intended substrate
  • Eliminates post-processing cleaning, allowing immediate rework or return to service
  • Effectively removes a wide range of e-coats, wet paints and powder coatings
  • Exhibits fast paint removal rates and a high loading capacity
  • Free of chlorinated solvents and sulfuric acid
  • Easy filterability
  • Minimum waste
  • Water savings

  • Automotive final assembly skid stripping
  • E-coat rack cleaning
  • Automotive & industry fixtures/tools
  • Delicate tools and complex geometry such as springs

Master Remover® 2000S

Sustainable paint removal technology

Master Remover® 2000 S is a versatile, dual-phase operation from mild acidic to alkaline, aqueous-based paint removal process. It is capable of penetrating and removing a wide variety of paint and powder coatings from steel, cast iron substrates or aluminum under specific conditions.

Applied by spray or immersion, Master Remover® 2000 S disrupts the adhesive bond between metallic substrates and paint coatings, leaving a clean, ready-to-use substrate that can be re-painted and/or re-worked.

Master Remover® 2000 S is easy to control and cost-effective to operate. It exhibits fast stripping rates and extended life under high loading conditions and closed loop environments. Its stripping performance is superior to most of conventional paint removal processes, and proven to be effective for stripping a wide variety of wet and powder paints.

What inspires us

Why we developed Master Remover® 2000 S

Your challenge

Fixtures (skids and jigs) used in automotive final assembly plants’ paint lines accumulate paint and require frequent paint removal. Paint removal is typically conducted by mechanical, thermal and hazardous chemical processes. Each of these have drawbacks including part etching and incomplete paint removal, and are often conducted externally due to their hazardous nature.

Our solution

Our Master Remover® 2000 S is a sustainable paint removal process that offers many economic, process and environmental advantages. It efficiently removes e-coats, wet paints and powder coatings from a wide range of metal substrates. Our process provides manufacturers an in-house solution sometimes even with in-line possibilities, capable of meeting performance requirements and environmental regulations.

Master Remover® product line

Sustainable paint removal technology

Our Master Remover® sustainable paint removal processes offer many economic, process and environmental advantages over conventional paint stripping methods. Master Remover® processes efficiently remove e-coats, wet paints and powder coatings from a wide range of metal substrates.

Master Remover®
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