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The key for the sanitary industry

Combining function with design for a spectrum of beautiful solutions

Cocooning is back, actively shaping design trends and how we interact with our home environment. But regardless of taste or style, one thing remains unchanged: the growing role of bathrooms and kitchens. Metal surfaces are currently experiencing a revival in both these home areas. Whether chrome or steel, bright or brushed colors – metals create a visual impact that can vary from elegant to minimalistic. That’s why we offer a large selection of classic and trendsetting design options for long-lasting decorative applications. Whether bathroom or kitchen, all components treated with our leading surface finishing technologies offer more durability and eye-catching sophistication.

Reliable, high-quality processes for plastics and metallic substrates (steel, brass, and zinc-based die cast) fulfill the most stringent requirements for sanitary fixtures

Our Cr(VI)- free decorative chromium solutions offer a new range of colors, high performance and long-lasting environmental ​friendly alternatives

Atotech has developed several decorative functional finishes that strive for perfection and create stunning effects. We deliver aesthetics without sacrificing functionality

Decorative coating processes

Chrome processes

Atotech’s decorative chrome plating processes improve appearance, durability, brightness, and corrosion protection for a wide variety of sanitary fixtures. Our trivalent chrome electrolytes are second to none. They are high-performance, environmentally friendly, and the ideal replacement for hexavalent chrome electrolytes, offering a new range of colors to meet contemporary design requirements.

TriChrome® family: Cr(VI)-free decorative chromium processes expand the choice of colors and designs

TriSeal® : Cr(VI)-free post-treatment processes for TriChrome® finishes for enhanced corrosion protection

Copper and alloy processes

Atotech provides state-of-the-art and compatible systems for acid copper applications compatible with decorative components or nickel-free bright white finishes for parts that will come in contact with skin. Along with our range of acid copper systems, Atotech offers other system solutions such as pyrophosphate, immersion, non-cyanide alkaline copper, and alloys such as white bronze.

Cupracid® UP family: High performing versatile acid copper solutions

Nickel and alloy processes

Atotech offers a wide range of of electrolytic nickel-plating processes. These processes provide a variety of fine and very attractive surfaces in both gloss and matt finishes. Combined with our wide range of final deposits, a spectrum of colors and designs can easily be achieved.

Semilux® and Mark® series: Family of semi-bright nickel finishes with versatile properties

Supreme®, Makrolux®, Unibrite®, and Zodiac® series: Family of high-performance bright nickel processes

Satilume® Plus: Satin nickel finishes providing fine and even surfaces with adjustable matt decorative appearance

Non-chromium and precious metal finishes

Atotech’s alternatives for non-chromium decorative finishes for sanitary fixtures include white bronze and precious metal plating solutions. Ruthenium layers add warmth and depth to any component. Due to its dark appearance, it also meets design requirements whenever smoky or champagne finishes are needed. The high hardness value of this precious metal layer helps to extend the lifetime of the plated components in the absence of chrome layers.

Gold is sought-after for sanitary fixtures and presents a high-value finish. Gold is mainly used in the luxury hospitality market. The robust finishes offer a wide range of colors that meet every taste and fashion.

Paint support technologies

Atotech supplies a comprehensive, sustainable, and economical product range of paint support technologies such as cleaning, coating, and paint removal technologies. Our wide range of cleaning and coating products provides high-performing substrate cleaning and conversion coating that ensure superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. Our paint removal processes offer rapid paint stripping for hooks, racks, and fixtures and enable fast part reclamation.

Master Remover® 7000

Rapid and sustainable paint removal technology for efficient powder coating removal

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A range of products for stable, long life, low temperature cleaning and degreasing

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Pretreament processes

Atotech offers high performance surface pretreatment processes for the surface finishing industry. Our extensive product range comprises numerous applications including cleaning, etching, activation, and pickling. We provide products that fit all budgets and sustainability goals.

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Metal cleaners

Our pretreatment processes provide excellent solutions for many metal substrates such as steel, zinc, and brass. The range of pretreatment processes includes buffing and polishing compound removers, soak cleaners, electro-cleaners, and activators

UniClean® 110, 107, 105, 158 (EU), and Soak BCR: Buffing and polishing compound removers work together with ultrasonic or hydroson support for an improved contamination removal

 UniClean® 100 series: Soak cleaners, effectively remove the bulk of contamination from decorative metal parts providing sufficient cleanliness for subsequent process steps

UniClean® 200 series and Nonacid 701: Electro-cleaners for anodic and cathodic treatment remove any residual contamination ensuring the highest plating quality

UniClean® 600 and UniClean® AS series: Activator processes thoroughly prepare metal  for the best adhesion and quality of the subsequent plated layers

Plating on plastics pretreatment

Traditional ABS and ABS/PC blend polymers, but also 2 K plastics are widely used for decorative plating. Our pretreatment processes for plastic substrates are versatile, high-quality processes capable of handling most plateable ABS, PP and ABS/PC blends with outstanding selective plating properties offering an excellent selectivity on 2 K components.

Adhemax®: Versatile, high-quality, conventional plastics pretreatment

Covertron®: Cr(VI)-free plastics pretreatments

Neolink® E: Direct metallization process of plastics

Rack strippers

Atotech offers rack strippers for removing chromium, nickel and copper plate-up on racks to ensure that they are suitably prepared. The process guarantees the best yields and plating performance during the next plating cycle.

UniStrip® Rackstrip AF and BR, UniStrip® JS and UniChrome® 80: Superior stripping performance

Atotech’s capabilities for the sanitary industry

​We deliver aesthetics without sacrificing functionality

Our product range covering the entire spectrum of surface treatments gives kitchen and bathroom fixtures their elegant, modern appearance. Whether functional or luxurious, our range of decorative chrome and precious metal finishings provide the right solutions for every taste and task. We also offer paint pretreatments such as cleaning and coating, or paint removal technologies for fixtures and part reclamation.

Sanitary fixtures 
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