EDEN® technology for bath life extension


Electrodialysis system for electroless nickel

Chemistry and technology package

Potentially unlimited bath life possible

Economical and environmentally friendly

Reduces waste and operation cost. ELV compliant processes available

High quality

Available for all HP, MP, and LP applications. Provides consistent quality. Ideal for automotive industry

Electroless nickel EDEN
  • Provides potentially unlimited bath life – routinely achieves up to 250 MTO
  • Reduces chemical consumption
  • Reduces Ni waste
  • Reduces cost of operation
  • Provides consistent deposit quality at the desired steady state MTO
  • Faster plating speed
  • Suitable for all types of applications and industries

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  • Meets the most demanding requirements of automotive, oil and gas, heavy machinery and consumer electronics


Electrodialysis for electroless nickel

The EDEN® technology was developed to extend the bath life of conventional electroless nickel by combining both chemistry and technology. EDEN® uses a special membranes technology and can selectively remove by-products (sodium orthophosphate and sodium sulfate) from the plating bath. At the same time, it maintains a steady-state concentration of all constituents of the bath formulation, which leads to consistent quality and waste reduction. EDEN provides persistently high plating speed throughout the bath life.

EDEN® process chemistry provides options for low P (EDEN® 200), mid P (EDEN® 113 Bright), and high P (EDEN® 115) operations characterized by excellent bath stability and satisfactory deposit quality for all types of applications. The high P process (EDEN® 115) is designed to provide non-magnetic and strong corrosion protection, whereas the mid P process (EDEN® 113 Bright) is a general-purpose, bright process.  EDEN® processes exhibit a good self-initiation ability on copper and its alloys and provide excellent adhesion on zincate aluminum alloys, making EDEN® processes versatile for handling a wide variety of substrates.

With EDEN®, Atotech has developed truly economical and environmentally friendly processes, which help to reduce operating costs and wastage. EDEN® offers nickel-phosphorus coatings with consistent deposit quality at the desired MTO level and is the right choice for all critical components.

What inspires us

Why we developed EDEN® 

Your challenge

The demand for long-life electroless nickel processes, which provide consistent quality throughout bath life, has steadily increased over the years.

Electroless nickel plating processes are required to be both economical and environmentally friendly as well as feasible compared to conventional electroless nickel processes.

Our solution

EDEN® technology based on electrodialysis technique, using special membranes which remove the by-products selectively from the bath, provide steady-state conditions within the plating bath. These allow for a set of bath operating parameters that lead to a consistent quality of deposit properties and a consistent plating speed.

The process is proven to reduce operating costs through waste nickel reduction, labor cost saving, downtime reduction, and is more environmentally friendly.

On-demand webinar

Learn learn about the EDEN® process operation and benefits

The electroless nickel process, since its invention in 1946 by Brenner & Riddell, has undergone many changes to improve the operating performance, deposit properties and adaptation to new environmental legislation. The formation of by-products which limit the bath age and result in the deterioration of quality remain a challenge and a burden for the electroless nickel plating industry.
MKS’ Atotech advanced R&D department was able to develop the perfect solution to counter the electroless nickel bath aging effect. EDEN® (ElectroDialysis for Electroless Nickel) system is the answer to all concerns related to conventional electroless nickel operation.

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