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Enhanced industry safety

General metal finishing

Atotech terminates supply of chromic acid. Since 2015, Atotech has continuously addressed the supply of chromic acid by a separation of the chromic acid and proprietary additive products.

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Cuflex® 730

Decorative coatings

Cuflex® 730 is the latest addition to Atotech’s Cuflex® family. The decorative, dye-free acid copper process is less susceptible to pits and pores.

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Tridur® DB

Zinc electroplating

Tridur® DB is a fluoride-free, two-component deep blue passivate for alkaline and acid zinc nickel surfaces, suitable for rack and barrel applications.

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Tradeshows and events

IPC APEX expo 2017

San Diego, USA

Atotech will be showcasing its products and services at the IPC APEX Expo in San Diego, USA. This is your chance to meet our team of experts present at the show and discuss solutions that best fit your requirements.

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Semicon Europa 2016

Grenoble, France

Senior leaders from Atotech’s semiconductor business division will be present at the show to discuss the latest additions to the portfolio, including the recent introduced MultiPlate.

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TPCA 2016

Taipei, Taiwan

This October, Atotech will be showcasing its offerings at TPCA, one of the most important shows of the year in the field of circuit board development and applications.

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