Corrosil® Plus 315L

Invisible sealer for highest efficiency

Best performance

Friction range suitable for several OEM’s

Highest corrosion protection

Confirmed by NSST and CCT tests, Ford L 467/ACT

Excellent multi-tightening behavior

Low scattering, confirmed by OEM

  • Glossy appearance for silver and black
  • Advanced last drop formation
  • CoF: 0.12 – 0.18 for Volvo, PSA, Renault, Nissan and Ford
  • Suitable for zinc and zinc nickel alloy surfaces
  • Outstanding corrosion performance in cyclic corrosion tests (e.g. ACT II)

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  • Automotive applications e.g., fasteners
  • Construction and oil and gas industries

Corrosil® Plus 315L

The latest generation of organic sealer

Corrosil® Plus 315L offers the outstanding features of MKS’ Atotech sealer portfolio suitable for Ford, PSA, Renault, Nissan and Volvo. Additionally, Corrosil® Plus 315L provides a clear finish. It shows reduced drop formation and homogeneous appearance.

Corrosil® Plus 315L provides a corrosion protection of more than 1000 h against red corrosion in combination with zinc nickel. Corrosil® Plus 315L fulfills the cyclic corrosion demand of several OEM. In  ACT II  Corrosil® Plus 315L shows outstanding performance after 6 cycles (6 weeks) the silver and black parts show still no sign of any red corrosion.

What inspires us

Why we developed Corrosil® Plus 315 L

Your challenge

Customers would like to use products which are suitable for several OEMs and for different fasteners and finishes. OEMs are looking for solutions which offer better appearance in terms of homogeneity and for corrosion resistance over 720 or 1000 h against red rust.

The right product should have a narrow coefficient of friction window and an excellent corrosion resistance, for a simplified and full automatic assembly.

Our solution

Corrosil® Plus 315L offers a high performance sealer with outstanding features to exact coefficient of friction window for many different kind of OEMs.

The organic sealer Corrosil® Plus family provides the highest corrosion protection, so it can fulfill all the OEM demands for corrosion protection and for the friction even after assembly.

The product is used on fastener for e.g. Volvo on alkaline ZnNi and for Ford together with acid ZnNi..

Corrosil® Plus 315L can be used on fasteners combining with steel or Aluminum nuts..

Corrosil® Plus family

Breaking new ground for lasting corrosion protection

Product Highlight
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Corrosil® Plus 315L Sealer for several OEM approved fastener systems
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Corrosil® Plus 315L
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