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Zinc electroplating chemicals

Technology built to exceed industry standards

Quick facts

  • Full range of acid zinc, alkaline zinc, acid zinc nickel, alkaline zinc nickel and zinc iron electrolytes, passivates and sealers
  • Approved by numerous OEMs
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Improved production solutions with auxiliary systems


  • Fasteners such as screws, bolts, rivets, clamps, and pins, for automotive, construction, oil and gas applications
  • Brake components

Plating chemicals

Acid zinc electrolytes
Acid zinc plating

Features and benefits

  • High efficiency and greater plating speed
  • High gloss coatings with superior coverage
  • Decorative appearance resembling chrome
  • Comparatively low plating cost
  • Boric acid-free processes available
  • High temperature stability
Alkaline zinc electrolytes
Plating stamped parts

Features and benefits

  • Ductile coatings with high brightness
  • Outstanding thickness distribution even on complex-shaped parts
  • Excellent throwing power allows customers to load more parts
  • High productivity
  • Sustainable processes such as cyanide and thiourea-free processes available
Zinc nickel electrolytes
Zinc nickel electrolytes

Features and benefits

  • Complete range of acid and alkaline zinc nickel electrolytes
  • Highest corrosion protection
  • Excellent thickness distribution
  • High current efficiency
  • Ammonium-free and boric acid-free electrolytes available
Zinc iron electrolytes
Zinc iron plating

Features and benefits

  • Economic and aesthetic advantages
  • Portfolio includes cyanide-free alkaline electrolytes
  • Superior resistance to white rust
  • Excellent thickness distribution
  • Outstanding ductility
Passivates and post-dips
Passivation after plating

Features and benefits

  • Cr(VI)-free processes for the entire spectrum of passivates for zinc and zinc alloy surfaces, from blue to iridescent, to black
  • Portfolio includes post-dips to protect the passivate layer
  • Regeneration system Tricotect® allows for continuous online purification without interrupting production, providing a potentially unlimited bath life for the passivate
  • Cobalt-free and fluroide-free passivates available
Sealers for zinc plating

Features and benefits

  • Enhances decorative and corrosion protection properties of coatings
  • Meets required coefficient of frictions of the automotive industry
  • Leading sealer technology for the brake caliper industry
  • Approved by several automotive OEMs

Auxiliary systems

More efficiency in a sustainable way

Highlighting our commitment to sustainability, we offer auxiliary equipment in addition to exceptional plating processes. Designed to reduce chemical consumption and extend bath lives, MKS’ Atotech auxiliary systems for zinc electroplating share the same major benefits: cost efficient production, environmentally-friendly production and consistent plating quality.

Our equipment includes ion exchange systems for Cr(III) passivates, membrane technology and regeneration systems for zinc nickel electrolytes.

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“With our auxiliary systems for zinc electroplating, our customers are able to drastically reduce their environmental impact while increasing profitability.”

Markus Ahr, Product Manager for corrosion resistant coatings at Atotech in Germany

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