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More sustainable surface finishing solutions for the industry

For the white goods industry, we offer a truly comprehensive product range for both painted and plated surfaces. Our process solutions ensure the prolonged service life for household appliances. We are dedicated to developing processes and products that conserve natural resources such as water and energy, minimize or eliminate waste generation, and reduce operating costs. In providing innovative processes, our paint support technologies enable corporations to achieve sustainability initiatives and to reduce CO₂ footprint. Our paint pretreatment and paint removal solutions provide a truly superior approach for the white goods industry. Also, plated components require a robust surface to withstand frequent use while providing an attractive finish. Our range of decorative and functional plating technologies are designed to meet the industries demands.

Reliable, high-quality processes, equipment, and chemistry for the entire spectrum of functional and decorative surface treatments, which meet the needs of the household appliances industry

Our paint support technologies offer a sustainable alternative to conventional processes, free of hazardous/regulated substances while supporting COreduction

We have developed several processes for high performing substrate cleaning and conversion coating to ensure superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance

Paint support technologies

Paint pretreatment processes

Achieving optimal finished part quality requires high performing substrate cleaning and conversion coating to ensure superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. Our economical paint pretreatment solutions meet the industry’s high-performance standards while complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Additionally, our pretreatment processes provide a multi-metal solution where needed, offering white goods manufacturers a greater level of versatility.

UniPrep® : Long life and low temperature cleaning and degreasing solutions

UniPrep® ISOtect: Specialized oil elimination equipment supporting UniPrep® long life, low temperature cleaners

Interlox®: Phosphorus-free, multi-metal zirconium pretreatments

Pre-enamel processes

For appliances like ovens and water heaters, an enamel coating is applied to provide extreme temperature and moisture resistance.  To ensure the highest quality enamel finish, complete removal of all contaminants and soils from forming and stamping is required prior to enamel application.  Additionally, sealers may be required to minimize the risk for in-process corrosion protection and improve enamel adhesion characteristics.  With MKS’ Atotech pre-enamel processes, applicators can achieve superior performance with a more sustainable solution.

UniPrep® : Long life and low temperature cleaning and degreasing solutions

InterPrep® : Sealers for in-process corrosion protection and enamel performance

Paint stripping technologies

Ensuring optimal contact cleanliness provides higher powder paint transfer efficiency, allowing for improved production quality while supporting reduced paint usage. From rack and hook cleaning to finished part reclamation, Our paint removal systems are the ideal in-house paint removal solution. Also, our paint removal processes provide white goods manufacturers a cost effective, safe, and sustainable alternative to conventional mechanical, thermal, and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) containing chemical methods.

Master Remover® : Sustainable paint removal solutions that offer efficient and consistent performance while reducing operating costs

Master Remover® ESPRIT: Specialized equipment designed to optimize Master Remover® process capabilities

Decorative coatings

Our decorative chrome solutions for plastic and metal applications provide durability and attractiveness for heavily used components like handles, knobs, door trims, or drawer fronts. Our sustainable series of Cr(VI)-free solutions, covering plastic pretreatment through to trivalent chromium decorative coatings and post treatments, offer a wide range of colors and finishes that help create cohesive interior aesthetics that complement modern design concepts.


A new era in Cr(VI)-free pretreatment of plastics, fulfilling the technical requirements of the industry

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Trivalent chromium processes expanding the choice of colors and finishes for versatile design

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Cr(VI)-free post-treatment processes for TriChrome® for enhanced corrosion protection


Corrosion protection coatings

Exposure to high temperature and humid environments, like those for gas cook tops, air conditioners and washing machines require excellent corrosion protection, chemical resistance and stability. With our zinc, zinc nickel and zinc flake coating finishes, Our corrosion protection systems achieve the required performance from white goods manufacturers.

Zinni® 220 + EcoTri® NC + Zintek® Top XT: System with stainless steel appeal, passing 120 cycles of Prohesian cyclic corrosion test

Zylite® Eco + Tridur® Blue + Friction Additive IX: System for self-tapping screws achieving the lowest possible friction for drilling into powder coated steel

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Wear resistant coatings

Various components in household appliances require both excellent wear and corrosion resistance, critical for durability and longevity. Our electroless nickel coatings provide outstanding corrosion protection to units used in wet conditions, such as ice cube machines, food processing equipment and refrigeration devices. Our trivalent hard chrome process lends superior wear resistance to frequently handled dynamic parts and those in contact with various substances such as cutting blades, shafts, or scratch resistant surfaces.

BluCr®: Trivalent hard chrome technology
Nichem® MP 400: Ultra-bright mid phosphorus electroless nickel process
Niflor® HP 118: Electroless nickel coating providing a non-stick surface
Nichem® HP 1170: High phosphorus process for superior corrosion protection
Alumseal® 611: Advanced zincate process for plating on aluminum

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