Unique range of auxiliary equipment

Making surface finishing production sustainable

Our auxiliary equipment supports sustainable production goals by reducing resource and chemical consumption, decreasing wastewater generation, and extending bath life. They improve plating quality and consistency, and maximize operating efficiency resulting in both, reduced environmental impact and costs.

Environmentally sound

Reducing chemical consumption and extending bath lives

Cost efficient

Combining cost efficiency with environmental protection

Consistent plating quality

Optimizing essential process parameters

Auxiliary equipment for decorative coatings

Combining cost effectiveness with environmental protection, our auxiliary equipment for decorative coatings range from ion exchange systems for nickel or trivalent chrome plating electrolytes to online Pd control systems.

Auxiliary equipment for corrosion protection coatings

Our automated analysis systems control and optimize essential process parameters. Our ion exchange systems for Cr(III) passivates and our regeneration systems for acid zinc and acid zinc nickel plating solutions help to reduce production cost and environmental impact.

Auxiliary equipment for electroless nickel coatings

Our electrodialysis system for electroless nickel plating ensures consistent high-quality plating while significantly increasing the bath life of the electroless nickel process. In addition to constant high-level plating quality, customers benefit from reduced chemical usage and waste.

Auxiliary equipment for paint support technologies

Our specialized auxiliary equipment for paint support technology improve the efficiency of our pretreatment and paint removal technologies, prolong their solution life, reduce energy and chemical consumption as well as wastewater generation.

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