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We have been active in the electronics ecosystem since its nascent stage. Collaborating closely with prominent PCB, IC substrate makers and OEMs, our products are designed to meet the demands of an increasingly digital lifestyle. Our advanced technologies support each manufacturing step from desmear & metallization, plating, surface treatment and final finishing of printed circuit boards to semiconductor plating.

Leading manufacturers in the fields of PCB, HDI, IC substrate and semiconductors rely on our expertise, products and consultation. Our portfolio of cost-effective, cutting-edge and environmentally conscious products includes a wide array of wet chemicals, equipment and process solutions for next generation flex / rigid flex and multilayer PCB manufacturing, HDI manufacturing using mSAP and amSAP technology, advanced semiconductor, package substrates and wafer level packaging.

“Our goal is to ensure utmost precision and quality in everything we do. We continuously monitor and analyze design rules, technology and market trends, and are in close collaboration with our customers and the OEMs to comply with current and future product needs and align our development program accordingly.”

Daniel Schmidt
Director Global Marketing Electronics and Technical Training at Atotech Group

The industry‘s first choice

Our products are the first choice by major manufacturers, OEMs, IDMs and IFMs worldwide.

  • The industry standard for HDI filling in mass production: Inpulse® 2HF
  • Inclusion free through hole filling with Uniplate® IP2: Inpulse® 2THF
  • Best plating uniformity using insoluble anodes in vertical equipment: InPro® SAP3
  • Reliable cost effective final finish for ultimate solderability and corrosion resistance: Stannatech® 2000
  • Highest corrosion resistance for the next generation HDI: Aurotech® HP
  • The future generation high end finish: PallaBond®
  • Electroless plating solutions for image sensor packaging: Xenolyte®
  • Electrochemical plating solutions for FOWLP and flip chip packaging: Spherolyte®
  • Inline mSAP process from desmear to flash plating for high end HDI boards: Uniplate® PLBCu6
  • Advanced inclusion-free plating process for through hole filling: Uniplate® Cu IP2 advanced
  • Industry leading horizontal transportation capability: UTS

Did you know?

Our BondFilm® process family has a global market share of 33%; it is the world‘s most successful, reliable and omnipresent oxide replacement process for inner layer bonding.

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