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Quick facts

  • Advanced semiconductor packaging solutions
  • Chemicals for electroless and electrochemical deposition of Cu, Ni, Pd, Sn, and Au
  • Cu Damascene process solutions
  • MultiPlate: an innovative Electrochemical plating tool
  • High tech clean room manufacturing


  • Pad Metallization (ENEPIG, ENEP, ENIG)
  • RDL and pillar plating
  • Through via filling
  • Double side plating
  • Cu Damascene

Product portfolio

Plating Tool - MultiPlate

  • MultiPlate®: Atotech’s first semiconductor plating tool addresses future industry requirements such as cost effectivity and superior process performance for manufacturing of electrochemical packaging solutions. MultiPlate® is designed for single and double sided plating, through hole filling and high speed pillar plating. The tool is compatible with both wafer and panel size substrates (silicon, glass, etc.) and can be customized according to the individual production requirements.
RDL and pillar plating

Spherolyte® for pillar plating

Spherolyte for RDL plating

  • Spherolyte® Cu/Ni/Sn/Au: Our Spherolyte® portfolio fulfills latest semiconductor packaging demands for electrochemical deposition of copper, nickel, tin and gold at high speed and low costs. The products include various base electrolytes and additive systems and demonstrate exceptional results for plating of redistribubtion layers (RDL) and Pillar structures used in many consumer applications.
Pad metallization and RDL housing

Xenolyte® for wire, wedge bonding and solderring

Xenolyte® for RDL housing

  • Xenolyte® ENEPIG/ENEP/ENIG: Pad/Under Bump Metallization is used to protect the underlaying interconnects and provide a robust and stable solder joint connection to the IC substrate. Our electroless Xenolyte® plating process is a cost effective alternative to traditional sputtering technology. The portfolio includes pretreatment and plating chemistry for deposition of nickel, palladium and immersion gold used for solder bumping, wire bonding and wedge bonding on different surfaces.
  • Immersion tin: Within the packaging industry immersion tin is recognized as a reliable surface finish to protect untreated Cu from oxidation and deliver a perfect base for soldering of Cu surfaces to IC substrates. Our Stannolyte® Sn offers a perfect solution to plate on Cu pads, where Cu is displaced by Sn in a molecular exchange reaction.
Dual damascene
  • Everplate®: Everplate® chemistries and process solutions are developed with a target of providing a cost-effective solution for the Cu Damascene process for technology nodes down to 22 nm. The portfolio consists of medium and high purity base electrolytes and additive suites tailored to meet application specific demands.
  • Atomplate®: As the state of the art interconnect technology continues decrease in size, requirements for Damascene process defect levels, film purity and integration capability are becoming more and more challenging to meet. The Atomplate® additive suite is the product of a joint collaboration with Lam Research and is designed to meet the most stringent copper interconnect process requirements for technology nodes to 7 nm and beyond.
  • Atompure® electroless: The newly developed Atompure Electroless product line will bring the electroless deposition of pure Cobalt, Copper and Nickel into the scope for metallization of sub 10 nm node chip interconnects.
High-purity chemistry manufacturing

High purity chemistry production

Cleanroom manufacturing for the semiconductor industry

We produce high purity chemistry according to the latest and most stringent semiconductor industry requirements. Our 1,500m² cleanroom manufacturing facility located in Neuruppin, Germany is equipped with highly automated manufacturing equipment and enclosed production environments to ensure efficient, safe, environmental, and cost effective production.

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Did you know?

With the addition of MultiPlate®, we have the unique position of offering a one-stop shop when it comes to electroplating, providing high purity chemistry, plating equipment, and process development for ECD packaging.

Recent publications

The Interactions between SNAGCU Solder and NI(P)/AU, NI(P)/PD/AU UBMS

2015, PDF, 2.250 KB
Investigations of intermetallic reactions between the Sn3.5Ag0.5Cu solder and two different UBM structures, Ni(P)/Au and Ni(P)/Pd/Au.

Next Generation Nickel-Based Bond Pads Enable Copper Wire Bonding

2015, PDF, 1.520 KB
Ni-based bond pads have emerged to solve the pad damage problem. NiPd, NiPdAu, and/or NiAu have demonstrated their great robustness to receive the Cu wire bonding with a huge wire bonding window without any splash and with excellent reliability.

Nickel–Palladium Bond Pads for Copper Wire Bonding

2015, PDF, 2.250 KB
This paper presents an extensive evaluation of electroless NiPd and NiPdAu bond pads that offer a much more robust alternative to the standard Al pad finish. These NiPd(Au) bond are shown to outperform Al in virtually all respects: bond strength, bond parameter window, lack of pad damage and reliability.

Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio 35 µm Pitch Through-Wafer Copper Interconnects by Electroplating for 3-D Wafer Stacking

2015, PDF, 1.520 KB
Nanosized IC will carry more than 100 million transistors, which will further require more than 100,000 I/Os for next level packaging. To accommodate such a huge number of I/Os in constantly reducing package size, novel approaches, such as wafer stacking, are needed to fabricate interconnects having a pitch size as low as 20 µm.



An innovative electrochemical plating system for next generation packaging technologies

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